I want to make my own T-Shirts. You know the type -- the Super Mario shirts A, B, & C. And yes, even the Office Space shirts. I've always liked these shirts even though they're so overdone and cliche by now. They're still super cute. And now is such a good time to get one. I need some new clothes desperately (in that "all mine are 2 sizes too big sense") but I don't have the money to buy a bunch of stuff.

So why not make my own? I have an excellent printer and I could easily buy the transfer paper -- or I'm beyond good enough to freehand something. So the question is -- how exactly do I go about it? First, where could I get the shirts? I don't want the over sized guy t-shirts. I want the girl cut T-shirts. Like Old-Navy t-shirts. Where can I get them? I think I might go by old navy and see if they have any on sale -- the problem is that I want BLANK t-shirts.

Second -- whats a good way to do the design? Is printer transfer paper a good way? Any suggestions? Also, anyone want to buy one? Sure, you can buy anything online these days -- but I'll do WHATEVER design you want. Plus youre donating to a good cause -- the "me" cause ;)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wal-Mart has been stocking "vintage looking" cute tshirts in the junior department. I got one in a size up than I normally wear and it fit fine, they have all the way thru XXL. Plus they were like $9.87. Where can you go wrong? They have band shirts and shirts with Sugar Daddy logo, and the 1970's turtle licking the tootsie roll lollipop, saying, wanna lick. Cool shirts, go check them out.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

you could try screen printing -- it looks pretty nifty:


2:21 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thats exactly what I'm doing. Last night I went and got all the stuff I needed at like 2am. Well, everything except for the ink which I'm going to go get in just a little bit.

5:18 PM  

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