Today I went shopping for a new bra and some jeans. I ended up getting the bra, jeans, shoes, a top, and a bathing suit. Oh well. The bra is a 38B - thank you. Now that I'm down to a 38, I get to choose from the gazillions of cute bras. My mom didn't even believe me. She said "you can wear a 38?" YES I CAN, MOM. Fun! The shirt - a XL. Yep. I cursed when I put it on. I believe me exact words were "Holy shit. It fits!" And thats not a guy XL either - that's a girl XL which is much smaller (believe me, I know). The bathing suit is a 18. I look fat in it but then I am fat so that's to be expected. When its not on me it's super cute though. At least I'll look better this summer than I have in years. And the jeans...

The jeans are a 20. Thats down from a 28! My goal is a 12 though so I suppose that's halfway. And the shoes... well the shoes are ugly shoes that I make fun of but then my mom said something like "wear some shoes that are in style!" And well, then you just have to buy them.

Then earlier this week, I went to a sale of salon products. The man that holds the sales sales things to the salons -- and this shit just piles up in his basement so 3 times a year he holds these sales. I've never been in on it and again, my sister-in-law forgot to tell me about it. But this time, I was home and happened to ask her when the next sale was -- and it was that day. Awesome! I went and bought tons of stuff! Bottles of products that sale for 30 dollars, he gives you for 1. That's no exaggeration. So I bought tons of hair products and even got a ton of Bed Head makeup. All and all I spent 30 dollars. And some of the stuff he just let me have for free -- I swear I've got somewhere between 300 and 400 dollars worth of stuff (and that's not an exaggeration -- it might push 400). I also gave the man my phone number and told him to CALL ME for the next sale (I got there after a bunch of stuff was already sold out -- these whores buy it ALL and sell it on eBay). So now I have a huge bag of expensive makeup and I'm psyched. I just want to sit down and play with all the pretty colors. I've always been jealous of my sister-in-laws makeup collection (which she has established from going to these sales). And girls, Bed Head makes the best eye shadows HANDS DOWN. I'm serious when I say that. Try some out.



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