My roommate, pet, general annoyance and comedic relief.

I'm posting this picture for two reasons. The first most pushed back reason is that I think I look fatter in this one than I do in the previously posted one so it's fair to post them both. Yes, my arms are huge.

Second, I was mean to Jack this morning and I feel bad. I didn't sleep last night so this morning I was in a bad mood. I wanted to fall asleep. And I was hot too. Jack wanted me to get out of bed because life cannot commence for him until I get out of bed. So every time somebody part poked out from the covers (remember, I was hot), he would commence with the licking. I figured if I ignored the licking, he would figure out that I was asleep and leave me alone. If I didn't respond to the licking, he bit me. (And to all the cat haters, he wasn't really biting me. If he wanted to bite me for real, he totally has the teeth to do that). Then I would throw him off the bed. Only he thought I was playing so he'd get all excited and come running back. Repeat that process a few times. Then he started playing ON ME. Jumping around and pouncing wrinkles in the blankets and pawing at my face.

I know, it's SO sweet and adorably cute, but I hadn't slept all night -- and I was hot too. So I started to contemplate how to make it end. I could shut him in the closet...

No, I didn't shut him in the closet. In fact, the very thought that I had thought of shutting him in the closet made me sick. That's abuse. My sister used to lock my favorite dog in the closet and I'm still fucked up from that. And he doesn't know any better -- he not TRYING to annoy the ever living shit out of me. So I got up.

And now that I had raised from the bed and petted him and his life could commence -- he went in the living room and went to sleep.


So anyway, I felt bad for having thought of shutting him in the closet and having thrown him off the bed three times. So tonight he got a gourmet kitty dinner of filet minion and gravy and then came running to me to fart in my lap. He loves me.


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