My first screen print t-shirt!

My first screenprint!
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Well, when I posted that last post, I didn't plan on doing a shirt so soon. Lord I got that crafty vibe going though and just couldn't stop. I was at Walmart at 1 am buying the supplies. And here's my first shirt!

The method I used is the cheap (AKA bootlegged) screen printing process found on this WONDERFUL picture tutorial. I used a old gap shirt that was already hanging in my closet so it was free!

As I said before, I wanted one of those cute mario video game geek 80s vibe t-shirts but they all cost 30 dollars. Well, when all was said and done -- I spent 40 dollars on all the supplies I bought. I think that's fair though because I have the stuff to do TONS of shirts now. As you can see in the picture, I went with a goomba. I LOVE the 1-up and bonus mushrooms but those are everywhere. I haven't seen and goomba shirts though! I did the pattern in photoshop. I love the way it turned out! I'm thinking of putting a word below the goomba but I don't know what I would put. Any suggestions? I don't want to put "goomba" because now that's associated with those books the soprano guy wrote. I want something cheesy like "boom" or something. I might just leave it plain -- I think it turned out super cute.

Anyone want a goomba shirt? I've already got the pattern -- you could mail me an old tshirt and like 10 bucks (part of that would be shipping it back to you). I'm totally serious about that too. Email me if you're interested.

Now I'm going to do something on that pink gap-shirt in the previous posted pictures. No idea what yet.



Blogger Lemming Leader said...

If I wasn't flat broke and mooching off my parents at the moment you would so have your first order. I love goombas!

11:45 PM  

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