My Beetles being held hostage!

Ok, so I know yall think I post about every little thing I do -- but in reality, there are lots of things I've not posted about lately for various reasons. One of those is the possibility that I might get a Beetle.


Cropped back story: My dad has finally settled with the state and is bound and determined to buy me a car. Well, naturally all my siblings are jealous and mad about it (though they're not admitting it to my face and if they read this blog secretly they'll take offense, I'm sure). I've not wanted to post about it because it hasn't been for sure. The settlement kept going back and forth and getting pushed back and dads been talking about this settlement for as long as I can remember, so I didn't want to count on it. Well, that didn't stop me from getting all excited at the prospect only to have my hopes dashed and then built back up again and the dashed... and so on.

Then Dad was finally supposed to settle this past monday but he didn't call me. He didn't call me Tuesday either. Naturally, I was bummed. Then TODAY, my sister calls and asks me if I'm sure I want a Beetle and not something else like a civic or something. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? And then she says how its got all these bad reviews and if i need to get it fixed id have to special order parts and such and such -- and it's like dude. DUDE. I've wanted a Beetle since I was a little kid -- literally. Everyone knows I want a Beetle. Hello? Have you met me? My little nephew has a toy Beetle that he calls "Karen's car." I didn't even tell him that's the kinda car I wanted -- someone else did. Why? Because everyone knows that Karen wants a Beetle. Do do I want another car? NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO and NO. I don't even know cars. The only cars I know are cars people I know own. And Beetles. I have no desire for any other car -- they're just cars. There's cars and Beetles as far as I'm concerned. I WANT A BEETLE.

They're driving up to Tennessee to pick it up right now. RIGHT NOW. I don't get to see it. They aren't even gonna drive by here and let me see it (even though Huntsville is on the way). Dad says he has to take it to Bham to get it registered and stuff. WHAT? So my sister gets to drive it home and stuff until I go back home to Bham. Man my sister gets to drive it before I do! I've never even been IN a beetle.

I'm so excited I can't sit still. I OWN A BEELTE! I OWN A BEETLE! I OWN A BEETLE! And they're holding it hostage in Bham! I OWN A BEETLE! I OWN A BEETLE! IT'S MINE. It's dark blue. That's all I know about it. It's a dark blue beetle. I don't know what year it is or anything like that. I KNOW IT'S MINE THOUGH!


Oh shit my eyes are tearing up. LOL. Litterally. HAHA. I gotta figure out when I can get back to bham and GET MY NEW BABY!

Oh pictures will be posted. I promise.



Blogger Lemming Leader said...

I'm jealous. Beetles rock.

6:20 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

so what're you going to do with your car?

7:38 PM  

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