Jack got a new collar

JAck got a new collar today. It's a dog collar but I liked it. I even took the bell of his old collar and put it on this one so he can jingle!

Ok, so this post is just an excuse to post pictures of the pets. I admit it. This second picture is Bonnie and Jack playing together. Yes, they're really playing. No, they haven't hurt each other. If Bon Bon ignores jack, he'll pounce at her or run around in front of her or paw at her tail and paws. Bonnie likes to chase him around the house too. Unfortunately Jack doesn't get along with my sisters cat, Mena (lame name, I know. Her full name is Willa Mena Murry Harker or something like that -- it's a character in some book). And when Mena hisses at Jack, Bonnie runs in and gets between them. It's SO CUTE!

The last picture is just Bonnie for cutness sake. Can I get a collective "Awwwwww" from the girls?


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