If you ever questioned whether or not I am in fact THE shit...

I you ever questioned whether or not I am in fact THE shit, you need only look at the shirt I just made. Yes. Yes, my friend, that really is the Zoloft blob crying alone in the desert at night and in desperate need of a hug. Yes, I know I am awesome.

This is where creativity, meets good eye, meets photoshop skills, meets craftiness, meets just the right touch of cynicism and humor. This is where I live. Bow before me.

Holy shit this is the best T-shirt EVER. EVER EVER even. My god I am tickled pink with myself. I'm so wearing this tomorrow.

Addendum: This design was kinda cathartic. It was a joke in my mind about how I'm feeling right now. I wanted the depressed little blob because I'm really down right now. And the text I REALLY wanted to put on there just wouldn't have been right of me... so... now it's the most awesome shirt ever.


Anonymous skwid said...

allow me to say karen, you're looking mighty fine in tht photo... pleased as punch.
great job on the shirts!

4:53 AM  
Anonymous karen said...

Thanks :) long time no see. BTW

2:05 AM  
Blogger Valentine said...

Wow, that shirt is awesome! I totally love it. I wish I had one. Good job! :)

1:03 AM  

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