I suck

I suck at disc golf, that is. I'm fully aware I suck at many things, but I'm just referring to disc golf at the moment. Let's backtrack:

So Wednesday night I couldn't sleep because of anxiety and subsequent anxiety attacks. This landed me a red rash a la' the stress induced hives. So I took some allergy pills sometime in the AM. That knocked me out. Pretty much for all of Thursday. I'd get up... and then fall back asleep. This is why I stopped taking the allergy pills. So I wake up last night at like 10PM. And I decided to stay up -- so I watched food network until about 4 AM when I decided it would be a fine time to get some groceries.

I've actually been meaning to get groceries all week, but I haven't and I've just not eaten much of anything cause I've been a bit down and I don't like to eat when I'm down cause then I get down on myself for eating when I'm overweight (I know, doesn't make sense). But then my cat ran out of food and so I went to get HIM food because I felt bad. And why not go at 4 AM? I wasn't doing anything anyway.

When I got home, I watched Signs and figured that I might as well stay up the rest of the day so that maybe I'll be really tired tonight. So I waited till the sun came up so I could play frisbee golf. I played. I sucked. The par for the course is 70. I probably hit 70 before the 11th hole. I will note that on the 10th hole (basket?) I had an INCREDIBLE shot. I couldn't believe I made it. (The fact that it probably took me 5 tosses to get to the point that I made the incredible shot from isn't important.)

I also played around in the creek trying to fish out someones disc. At some point though, I flipped it over and saw that it had someones number on it. See, that would mean I would have to actually return the disc, so I decided to give up. It wasn't worth falling into the creek when it's 40 degrees outside.

I also got hit on by a mexican that was working on the new ball fields. He asked me what my name was. Then he asked me how old I was. I kinda felt like an underage child being hit on by a pedophile. He said I looked 18. I wasn't sure if that was a compliment or not... then he told me I was "a beautiful woman." That's when I decided to try to get away. So he got to stare at my ass for a solid 5 minutes while I walked down the street. It was actually kinda flattering...

Look how much I've accomplished -- all before 9 AM!


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