I made a 60 on my physics test.

Of course thats better than the 40 I made on it the first time we took it.

The police got onto me twice yesterday. Like I'm some horrible deviant or something. The first time was in the form of a parking ticket. I'm real sorry that you've closed 60% of the parking lot but I have to have somewhere to put my car. It's not like it was in the way. Don't punish me for creativity.

The second was because I was sitting on a pier at the lake. I was depressed and I so I went to the lake to listen to depressing music and maybe get shot in a drug deal going bad. I mean I'm not gonna get tragically killed sitting in my apartment listening to depressing music, now am I? Apparently, just taking down the "keep off" sign does not negate its original declaration. Whatever. It's not like I'd drown in the shallow water.

So I declare tonight Taco Bell and Harry Potter night in name of my horrible mood. In the mean time, I might paint something. What should I paint? I know I need to paint the family portrait for my brother, but I'd rather do something expressive.


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