I Love Toys!

*GASP* You know how much I loved the "I love the 80s" series on VH1 right? Well they tried to ride that wave all the way up to the early 00s and then we thought it was done. But no. It's not. Because now -- now there is going to be I LOVE TOYS!

Do you still sneak a peak through a View Master when you think no one is looking? Settle arguments with your sister over Connect 4? Maybe you and your friends like to get together and pass the time trying to take over the world with a little RISK? And when it's hot outside, is your first thought to bust out the Slip and Slide and Snoopy Sno Cone Machine? Of COURSE. Have we got a show for you.

I LOVE TOYS is our latest spin on the enormously popular I LOVE series, but this time with a little twist. We're counting down the 100 most famous -- and infamous -- toys you loved from your childhood. Whether you battled the evil forces of the Decipticons with your Transformers or fought for freedom with G.I. Joe, this special's got you covered. Perhaps you were more of an aspiring architect? Don't worry, we've got your Lincoln Logs, Legos and Tinker Toys, too.

Mr. Potato Head? Check. Pound Puppies? Yup. Barbie? Duh. Play Doh, Etch A Sketch and Candy Land? Yes, yes, and how could we leave it out, yes.

Grab some popcorn and get comfortable. This 5 hour special starts at 100 and counts all the way down to number 1! Our expert team of celebrities, musicians, actors and comedians will tackle every hard hitting issue you can imagine:

- What were all those monkeys doing in that barrel?
- Did you fancy yourself a Van Gogh while playing Pictionary?
- Could you use your Easy Bake Oven to make Shrinky Dinks?
- What exactly was INSIDE Stretch Armstrong?
- Why didn't anyone feed those Hungry Hippos?
- Does Strawberry Shortcake taste as good as she smells?

I LOVE TOYS answers them all!

I'm so excited that I wrote down the dates and times on my school work calendar. I might even miss my Monday night "Medium" for this. The commercial already made me laugh -- they were showing "Operation" and the girl (not sure who she was) chimes in with "I refuse to believe that it is this hard to be a doctor."

Lord this series is going to amuse the hell out of me.


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