Hardware Lab

Hardware Lab
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Here's a circuit I did in lab today. I figured it might be interesting for those of you who never had hardware labs. I had to do two circuits today -- this one was the first one I did. I had to make up the lab we did last time because I just plain forgot I had lab that day. It's a 4 input 2 output. The lame example is that you have a 4 bit binary code and it either allows you access to door 1, door 2, both doors, or neither.

BTW, I looked like a TOTAL weirdo taking a picture of this. Just so you know.

The second circuit I did was a 4 input, 4 output (BCD to excess-3 converter) using only NAND gates. I got the whole thing done (slightly more complex than the one in this picture) and when I tested it, 4 out of 9 outputs were wrong. Uhuh. And so the guy is like -- now you debug it.

Look at that. You debug that mess of wires -- I'd rather just start over. After a lot of checking the voltage to certain gates, we noticed that I was using the wrong chip. Yeah. And the he acted like I was an idiot. Hey, someone put that chip in the wrong drawer -- not my fault.


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