Great news ...on a blah day.

Today has been a bad emotional day for me. Even though it's been a really good day. I stayed in bed until 3pm -- not because I was tired but because I didn't want to get up and face life. I stayed in bed and pouted and pitied myself and mourned over the recent changes in my life. I'm a fun person like that. I'm not looking forward to jumping back into school again -- especially considering that Monday I have a test and 2 programs due. And I miss my friend terribly.

However, I did finally drag my ass out of bed and have a shower and a bowl of cereal. I put on new expensive makeup and used my new hair products to do my hair. I even shaved my legs in the shower and anyone who has been truly depressed before will be impressed by that. I even played with Jack who was bothered by the fact that I stayed in bed so long.

So why do I say it's a good day? Well, I got a job today. I gotta give Steph major props for that because without her, I'd not have gotten it. Thanks Steph! I start training Wednesday at 8:30 AM. If you ever want to harass me at work... just dial 911. Yep, I'm gonna be a police dispatcher for the UAH police department. On the weekends that is. I'll work 2 days a weekend and get one weekend a month off. My shifts will be 8 hours and according to Steph and the police chief, I'll pretty much be doing nothing. He told me to bring things to study. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up the campus WiFi with my laptop which would mean I'm just switching my laptop staring locations from my bedroom to the police department where I get paid. Maybe I could get some reading done. Or hey, I could ACTUALLY study. Plus -- No dress code! Is this not the most awesome job ever? And it's so close to wear I live -- I walk further to class.

So -- good day, just not feeling good.


Anonymous ladymerlin said...

yup one hell of an easy job

6:47 PM  

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