Drugs for dogs.

I've started drugging my moms dog with Benedryl. And before someone yells at me, let me explain. This dog has some kind of problem. It's the absolute sweetest thing in the world but it must have a skin problem or maybe a psychological one. She gnaws on herself (especially her ass) constantly. And I'm serious when I say constantly. She can't stop. She does it all day and only stops to eat or sleep -- both of which are intermittently interrupted to continue the gnawing of her own ass. I've been telling mom to get the dog some benedryl and she agrees that she needs it, but shes been putting it off forever. So this week, we got her some.

Don't feel bad for her -- shes getting biscuits and french fries with pills stuck in them -- shes also getting relief from whatevers bugging her. Shes fine. And mom and I don't have to listen to and watch her gnaw herself. It's win win! Now she just sleeps a lot and intermittently gets up to get petted or see if we have more biscuits -- NO CHEWING! WOO!

I wanna drug everyones pets now. Remember how I'm not a pet person? (Even though I LOVE my Jack to death -- he still annoys the shit out of me when he thinks he can jump on my bed and lick his balls. I'm sorry but thats gross, it's always going to be gross, and he doesn't have to do it on my fucking bed -- I DON'T CARE IF "CATS DO THAT!") Well, now they can all still be totally cute and fuzzy and asleep all the time! How awesome is that? Just pass them a pill!

Oh shut up, I'm only kidding. Well, kinda. No, I haven't given any other pets pills. Yet. KIDDING. maybe.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

More than likely allergies (since im going to assume the dog isn't flea ridden). Could even be allergies to her food. Experiment with the dosage and try to get the lowest one possible so there isn't any ill side effects.. Dogs sleep all day anyway so I don't consider that a bad side effect anyway. ;) The only other thing to do is have her to the vet who would likely send you to a specialist to find out what she's alergic to.. and thats expensive and time consuming. If you're like me you just can afford it and benadryl is awesome.

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