Botanical Gardens with Cole

Today me and mom took my nephew Cole to the Birmingham Botanical Gardens (I'd find you a link, but I'm on dial-up). When I was little, me and mom went to Botanical Gardens all the time -- maybe not every weekend but more often than not. It was free and we both enjoy gardens and flowers. I'll always have fond memories of going there with her and wondering the trails. It's also why I know so much about plants.

The Birmingham gardens are still the nicest I've ever been to (even beating out the Cleveland gardens with the Butterflies). They're also 100% free. It's truly so amazing that it is free with all the upkeep that is required. But it's located in the richest neighborhood so all the old rich women volunteer and then when they die they donate all their money to the gardens. Wedding are held there all the time and everyone goes there on school field trips. And thanks to mom, I went there all the time as a child.

Today with Cole was so much fun. I'm in better shape than I ever have been (still not IN shape though). So I raced him everywhere (5 year old kid) and he tired out and ran out of breath long before I did. I won every time too ;) I've never been one to run down any kind of path, so I'm super proud of myself. I also climbed the gates to the Japanese Gardens.

If any of you have ever been there (I'm sure you haven't), you know the gates to the Japanese Gardens. These are large bright red oriental entrances. Also fun to climb on. Everyone has pictures of themselves at those gates and every kids climbed on them... well, every kid except for me. See, while all the other skinny kids could climb to the top, I never could. I was never a climber. So I was always the one on the ground looking up. Until today.

Today I can proudly say that I ran all the way down the paths to the Japanese Gardens (my favorite) and I climbed to the top of the gates where I perched my big ass and waited for everyone else to catch up (they had to catch up to ME. Uhuh). It was AWESOME. I was tickled pink with myself -- I always wanted to get up there! I wish I had taken a camera to capture my conquering moment, but alas, I shall have to do with telling my 3 ghost readers.

The gardens were great and beautiful as always. The tulips were GORGEOUS and we saw some purple poppies! I've never seen purple poppies in my entire life. Cole wasn't the biggest fan because of the long walks and the fact that it wasn't like "the real park." I enjoyed it though.


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