Black Raspberry Vanilla fire balls!

So picture it: I just cleaned Jack's litterbox, gave him fresh food with a chicken liver treat centered on top of the pile (to shine some light into his poor tortured existence), vacuumed up the room, straightened up the bed, and lit a scented candle. So then I grab my bottle of Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Splash from Bath & Body Works and begin to spray various things in my room. I spray Jack's corner and then I spray my huge silk daisy and spray in the direction of the candle...

And get a half-foot high Black Raspberry scented fire ball.

I'm serious -- it was so awesome. And I gotta say, the Black Raspberry Vanilla scent the room now how is very overwhelming.

Folks, I have just discovered how to scent your entire room, 10 seconds before someone enters it. Got a girl coming over? Afraid the piles of dirty laundry and 10 bags of garbage you just hauled out might have scented the air a bit? Don't have time to wait for that scented candle to fill the room? Light yourself a candle and spray it with your favorite body splash. Your room will smell so overwhelmingly good that you'll have to open a window. Guaranteed.


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