I get so mad when people use photoshop for something simple and misrepresent their talents. Now I don't know photoshop like a professional does, but I do know it better than a lot of casual users. That's not bragging, that's fact. People who say photoshop is hard to use, just haven't taken the time to play with it or to ask someone who knows what they are doing. And if you don't want to use all that advanced features, then just don't!

I was on a message boards where someone asked how to add color to black and white pictures in photoshop. Super easy. There's a million ways to do it and lots of those are a simple variation on using the paintbrush tool in a mode other than normal. Something like "Darken" or "overlay" will preserve the underlying pixels and use a formula to combine them with your new color. This is super easy. It's just using the paint brush tool. I even created a picture to show what the different modes would do on a black and white photo.

Other people responded that "___" program was better (ummmm sorry, but any one with a brain knows that's simply not true -- how about you email adobe and tell them that paint is better and see how seriously they take you, BESIDES he didn't ask what program you used, he asked how to do it in the program he HAS). Or linked him to horribly complex tutorials. This is why so many people are scared of photoshop. Idiots who know how to use it want to make it look like it's harder than it really is so they look like they have skills.

You can look at tutorials to do things and learn how to do that one specific thing in one specific way -- but you gain nothing. It's far better for you to know that you can use the paint tool in a different mode than for me to tell you 30 steps to color someone's eye green.

And I can't stand people who do something horribly simple in photoshop and then show it off to people who have no idea how you did it and act like they are gods. Sorry, baby -- but I can do the same thing 10 times better and i'll even throw in an explanation of how I did it for free. Photoshop is a tool. Plain and simple.

Before you can build a house, you have to learn how to use a hammer. If I tell you how to hammer a nail, I'll do you much more good than linking you to blue prints for a house.

I'm done.

Wait, no I'm not. This particular girl (the one who is bragging and saying how hard it is) has no talents what-so-ever but thinks she does. I'd really like to link her to some of the worth a thousand contests or those message boards where people show off REAL photoshop art (that I could NEVER compete with, BTW). I can't STAND people like this. I want to slap her -- hard.

I always find it funny that the people who are best at something, are the ones who are willing to teach you. It's the people with no talent that want to say it's hard. If you ask a physics professor how something works, he'll be the first person to sit down and start drawing you pictures and explaining it in the simplest of terms. People who love their work, want to draw you into it -- they don't tell you it's hard and act like they're better than you.

Now, I'm done.


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