Ramblings on wrongs and anger

Last night as I lay in bed, I pondered a relationship I have with a person that sprung out of a huge argument. I remembered that we "met" because of our difference of opinion, I just couldn't remember what that difference of opinion was. I had wanted to tear his head off -- and now I couldn't even remember what it was all about. It was kinda funny. And I started getting in the philosophical frame of mind where you realize how pointless our anger can sometimes be...

And then I remembered exactly what I was so mad about. And I wanted to rip his head off all over again.

And then today, the same thing occurred. A wrong that had been done in the past, remembered and anger renewed. And you know what? Screw all that shit about how stupid it was to be angry. No way, I had great reason in both cases. I never actually got over being angry about it, I just decided to move on for the sake of living.

And that's what we do isn't it? We just move on and accept that we got screwed for no good reason. But just because I've decided to accept that the guy drug my name out and insulted me in public forum when I had no previous knowledge of his existence, does not mean that sometime in the grand scheme of things, I owe him a big 'ol bitch-slap.

Screw all the "life is bigger than that" crap. We all deserve to kick someone or anothers butt for some reason -- and we're totally justified in it.

Of course who knows how many people deserve to kick MY ass... so I guess all we can do is hope that it cancels out in the end. When I die, I hope that when you add up the wrongs I've done and the wrongs that have been done to me -- I hope I come out just slightly on top... so maybe I get to give someone a dirty look or something. Of course if I come out on top of a mountain of wrongs done to me -- that's fine too. Can I trade it in for a car or something? Of course who needs a car when you're dead... How about a bigger tombstone? Maybe I could be buried in the car...


In other news, I was watching TV a bit ago and realized that I was sitting with my legs crossed. Dude, when did I learn to do that? This needs to be documented.


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