Questions I have for China and her fellow country-men.

1. Is it ok to store piles of food on the floor in other countries? All my foreign roommates have stored huge bags of rice on the floor. And you may scoff because you have a sack of potatoes on the floor -- but they never move these. Bugs and shit get under it. A stain forms on the floor. Mold grows. I saw a roach on it today -- not on the bag -- it was crawling on THE RICE. This is not ok.

2. Is it alright to leave raw meat laying around? China likes to leave raw meat on the table and on the couch. I think it's a health hazard.

3. They like rice over there, don't they? Just sayin'...

4. Do they have light bulbs? And yeah, I'm actually kinda serious about this one. Since China moved in, I'm the one who replaces all the lights when they go out. Recently, I got tired of this because she's the one who doesn't realize that there is an "off" switch. I see the check she gets from the university every month -- she can buy something her own damn self. So I didn't replace the living room lights when they went out. Then I didn't replace the kitchen light when it went out either. Nor did I replace the one on the table. You know what? There's no lights left in the front half of the apartment. I'm not exaggerating -- they're all out. At night, it's just dark. Now, I don't really mind because I hang out in my room most of the time -- but she's always out there cooking and eating dinner at the table... in the dark. And this has gone on for like 2 months. She eats dinner at the table... in the dark. Why doesn't she just pay 74 cents for a pack of 4 light bulbs? It's seriously gotten to the point where I wonder if she knows that she can just buy another light bulb to replace the ones that burnt out. She knows what a light-bulb is, right? They have them there, right?

5. Do they ever clean things in China? They have mops -- right? How about brooms? Do they wipe the counters? Clean the toilets?

6. How come China stores her bread and cookies in the refrigerator -- but her open salad-dressing containers which say "refrigerate after opening" and all her soy sauces and unidentifiable semi-viscous things in jars are left on the counter? 'Cause that ranch dressing is going to go bad sitting on the counter but those chocolate chip cookies don't need to be sitting in the fridge. You know what else needs to go in the fridge? All that meat.

7. How can a person function in class when they do not speak the language. This is her 4th semester here. She still cannot speak to me. She wanted me to call Jack out of her room -- but I didn't understand what she wanted. She just kept saying "you yak -- yak -- yak -- ruum -- yak ruum." You understand your advanced physics class, but you can't form a simple sentence in English? I mean hell, say it real slow if you have to -- but she can't even do that! and its JACK like JACK-ASS, not yak. J. JAY.


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