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I've decided to take up Disc (Frisbee) Golf. So the other day I went to the sporting goods store and looked over the variety of over-priced frisbees. (Actually, I went to the off-campus book store to find that they closed 12 minutes before I got there at three. Then I went to the campus book store to find it was also closed and THEN I called Dick's to see if they carried them and that's where I ended up). After taking all the variables of color, price, float, spin, distance, and tendency to curve in flight into consideration; I settled on three. I got a nice shiny pink distance driver, a multi-purpose disc, and a putter.

Naturally, I wanted to post a picture of them and that's what you see here. I didn't set it up. I didn't egg him on. This is the series of pictures that resulted. Jack doesn't hold a high opinion of disc golf.


Blogger Valentine said...

My best bud used to play disc golf a lot... he's won a lot of money doing it. I played once and I had to throw my disc over a homeless man that was sleeping where my disc landed. :\

5:33 PM  

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