Michelle Kwan better get it together.

I don't know if yall've been watching the olympics, but Michelle Kwan needs to get her prissy little ass up and skate for the fucking country. She didn't even earn her spot on the team -- she didn't compete to earn her spot because of an injury! You know who DID earn a spot on the team? Emily Hughes. And if Kwan wants to sit there and whine about how important her health is and that she's not going to compete unless she's 100% then she needs to drop out and let Emily in -- the deadline is approaching.

We aren't talking about something she's doing for herself. She's not trying to win a gold metal for herself -- she's trying to win one for the US. Shes in the OLYMPICS -- the world wide -- best of the best -- only every 4 years mother-fucking-olympics. If you're not willing to give your all and risk breaking a leg, then get the hell out and let someone else step up. There are so many people of olympic quality who would give anything to have the chance Kwan has now -- and they wouldn't be telling the media that they're thinking of not competing because they woke up stiff and had a bad practice round.

I don't want to hear her shit on the news. You're either there to perform NO MATTER WHAT or you drop out so we can buy Hughes a plane ticket and she can be out there practicing.

Kwan "has to watch her health these days." Nu-uh. You're not competing for yourself you spoiled little brat. She had her chance 4 years ago and this year shes taking it for granted -- I want to see someone up there who wouldn't dream of complaining in front of a camera and threatening to drop out. I want to see someone up there who'd give their arm for the chance -- cause they're out there and they deserve it WAY MORE than Kwan does.

Get your ass on a plane back to the US and let the rightful winner compete. If she doesn't drop out before the deadline, we're not going to have a skater. And I'm gonna send the bitch hate mail.


Anonymous Leah said...

you got your wish, or so I've heard. Someone at church today told me that Michelle Kwan had dropped out.

7:36 PM  
Blogger Kinky said...

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8:25 PM  

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