Jacks first bath. Alternate title: I'M SO SORRY

Jack's First Bath
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Tonight, unbeknownst to him, I cleaned the kitchen sink; laid out a towel; and grabbed some soap for what was to be Jacks first bath. (Because what better time could there possibly be besides 4AM?) His curiosity always gets the best of him, so I didn't even have to chase him down -- he was already right there! So I grabbed him, and got him as wet as I could before he killed me. He wasn't particularly bad -- but he certainly isn't a fan. This might have the beneficial side-effect of keeping him away from the sink from now on.

He's been sitting in the exact same spot licking his wet fur (wounds?) ever' since. He's even too busy to eat the treat I gave him to make myself feel better. And I feel so bad for him that I'm even letting him lick in my presence -- you all know I can't stand that.

I hope he's not mad at me. Mad cats are known to do bad things... like piss on your bed. I'm not keeping a cat that will do something like that so this will be a major test for the little fur-ball. He's going to have to live with baths because he likes to sleep on my bed. No stinky unclean things allowed in the bed. Now cute furry coconut-lime-verbana scented things that like to curl up beside me a purr while I watch TV -- those can sleep in my bed.

I'm sorry Jack -- it's just soap & water!


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