The face of misery

Nap Time
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This afternoon I actually took the initiative to clean out my refrigerator. There were things in there that expired in November. Naturally, I had some garbage to take out.

When I returned from tossing the bag, there was a Russian guy talking to Jack through the window. Jack likes to meow at people through the window -- as long as he's on the inside -- he still refuses to exit the apartment.

So I joked that he was talking to the cat and offered to let him play with him a bit if he wanted. He asked me if Jack was mine, of course I said yes. He told me Jack was miserable. I told him he wasn't miserable, he was just waiting for me to come back in. He said he was starving. I laughed and said, "not with as much as he eats." He asked me if he was on a starvation diet -- of course, I said no. He told me that Jack was obviously miserable in there. I didn't know what to say.

Yeah, he's miserable -- it shows in the way he sleeps in the wide open and purrs constantly. The way he jumps in my lap and purrs every 5 minutes to make sure I still know he's here. I can really tell he's not having any fun pouncing on every thing he sees and attacking the million toys i've bought him. It is especially evident in the fact that if I give him a choice of going out or going back inside, he ALWAYS chooses inside. And when he sniffs my nose and purrs at me, I just KNOW he hates me for this miserable existence he lives.

And as to starvation -- my lord. He has gourmet cat food that is always in a full bowl. That's supplemented by canned food and gravy more nights than not -- and lord knows he gets as many cat treats as he could possibly desire. That is of course, until 2 days ago when he led my mothers dog to eat them all. So yeah, he's obviously starving -- I mean look at him, he HAS to be malnourished.

And the fact that Every night I give him fresh food and water, scoop out his litterbox, vacuum up the mess he makes and take time to play with him -- that just makes it worse.

I bet that guy belongs to P.E.T.A too. Malnourished my ass.


Blogger Becki said...

What a freak.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

I agree.

4:05 PM  

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