Credit Card!

So my downward spiral into debt can finally start! (Kidding, I think). I have finally been approved for a credit card! No one will every approve me. Not Visa, Mastercard, Discover, no student cards -- nothing. But someone finally approved me. I can build credit now!

So guess who finally did? I was in the airport a few weeks ago and AirTran was pushing their Visa cards. I usually don't apply places like that because every time I get denied, I lose another credit point. But they were giving away teddy bears. And there was no annual fee. And there were free airline miles. And teddy bears. So I was like hey -- what the hell. And now I'm approved! Yay!

Sorry, had to tell someone.

EDIT: I just got approved for a Master Card too! I've been trying to get a credit card off and on for 5 years and here two approve me in the very same day. Nice.


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