I get so mad when people use photoshop for something simple and misrepresent their talents. Now I don't know photoshop like a professional does, but I do know it better than a lot of casual users. That's not bragging, that's fact. People who say photoshop is hard to use, just haven't taken the time to play with it or to ask someone who knows what they are doing. And if you don't want to use all that advanced features, then just don't!

I was on a message boards where someone asked how to add color to black and white pictures in photoshop. Super easy. There's a million ways to do it and lots of those are a simple variation on using the paintbrush tool in a mode other than normal. Something like "Darken" or "overlay" will preserve the underlying pixels and use a formula to combine them with your new color. This is super easy. It's just using the paint brush tool. I even created a picture to show what the different modes would do on a black and white photo.

Other people responded that "___" program was better (ummmm sorry, but any one with a brain knows that's simply not true -- how about you email adobe and tell them that paint is better and see how seriously they take you, BESIDES he didn't ask what program you used, he asked how to do it in the program he HAS). Or linked him to horribly complex tutorials. This is why so many people are scared of photoshop. Idiots who know how to use it want to make it look like it's harder than it really is so they look like they have skills.

You can look at tutorials to do things and learn how to do that one specific thing in one specific way -- but you gain nothing. It's far better for you to know that you can use the paint tool in a different mode than for me to tell you 30 steps to color someone's eye green.

And I can't stand people who do something horribly simple in photoshop and then show it off to people who have no idea how you did it and act like they are gods. Sorry, baby -- but I can do the same thing 10 times better and i'll even throw in an explanation of how I did it for free. Photoshop is a tool. Plain and simple.

Before you can build a house, you have to learn how to use a hammer. If I tell you how to hammer a nail, I'll do you much more good than linking you to blue prints for a house.

I'm done.

Wait, no I'm not. This particular girl (the one who is bragging and saying how hard it is) has no talents what-so-ever but thinks she does. I'd really like to link her to some of the worth a thousand contests or those message boards where people show off REAL photoshop art (that I could NEVER compete with, BTW). I can't STAND people like this. I want to slap her -- hard.

I always find it funny that the people who are best at something, are the ones who are willing to teach you. It's the people with no talent that want to say it's hard. If you ask a physics professor how something works, he'll be the first person to sit down and start drawing you pictures and explaining it in the simplest of terms. People who love their work, want to draw you into it -- they don't tell you it's hard and act like they're better than you.

Now, I'm done.

What a let down

So this Apple event wasn't worth getting excited about. That iPod boombox thing is bigger than some microwaves. And having your tiny little iPod docked on top of it is a design mistake if you ask me. It's not pleasing to the eye. The iPod should dock in front or on the side or something.

And when did Jobs lose so much weight? He looks like he has cancer or something (scroll down to see two pics of him).

So who cares about 1 (ugly, IMO) stereo thing and a mac mini? I'm so glad I sulked in bed all day rather than getting up to see what was released.

Mexican Drive Throughs?

Why isn't there a mexican food drive-through? And no, Taco Bell isn't what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the quality mexican food you get in all my favorite mexican restaurants. It's fast to make - they have all the ingredients back there already cooked and just throw them together to make whatever you ordered -- there's nothing that really has to cook itself.

Here in Alabama, we have Jim 'N Nicks. The rest of yall are just out of luck -- but Jim 'N Nicks is a Bar-B-Que restaurant. Not a shit-hole but a really nice place (well, some of the locations aren't very nice). The Trussville location is a really great place to have a great sit-down dinner -- great atmosphere, great service, great food. It's that LAST place I would think would have a drive through -- but they do. Not everything is available on the drive-through menu, but a large chunk of it is. If THEY can make that work, then someone can certainly make a Mexican restaurant drive-through work.

Did you know there are Starbucks drive through now? And you KNOW how long some of those drinks take to make. You can make me a quality quesidilla in a lot less time. So whats the problem? Why is Taco Bell the only one to even give this a try? And Taco Bells tacos are good, but the rest of their food sucks. I want a Habeneros Drive Through. I think I need to write them a letter and suggest it.

Also, how about a pasta drive through? You have noodles; you and sauce. You combine different ones to make different dishes -- maybe even throw in a meatball or some chicken. You can TOTALLY make that a drive through.

Let's get on this people!

Apple's new "thing"

Apple is going to announce something "new" and "fun" tomorrow. I hope it's a new iPod but I don't think that it will be. Maybe it'll be a iBook or something -- if so, I hope the price comes down or at least stays where it is.

Man I so want a nano.

The bad aunt

I've been with my family his past weekend for my brothers birthday. This meant that I spent lots of time with my nephew of just under 5 years. We were playing and I did a joke I swear I always do with him -- I told him I was going to take his teddy bear back to Huntsville to live with me. Then he did what I THOUGHT was a fake-pout. It wasn't. I didn't figure that out until it became a full force face-on-the-floor screaming crying tantrum.


Actually, even then I thought he was faking until I looked at my mother and said... "um... he's faking, right?"

Yeah. He was apparently REALLY sleepy.

Guest review on UL Reviews.

Folks, someone has trusted me to do a guest post on their blog -- my first ever! Ok, so really Izzy told me about his plan for inviting guest posters to post on UL Reviews and I guilted him into inviting me too... whatever, I'm still in there ;)

So go check out my review of Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Skillet Sensations: Chicken Alfredo. It's good -- really.

Reasons 726-729 why I hate my roommate

And she left boiled bones on the table today -- just sitting there on the mail. I threw them away so my cat wouldn't choke to death. Ugh and today I saw her toilet -- can anyone say "bio-hazzard." Just the rest of the semester and then I'll never see her again...


Originally uploaded by KarenAlexa.
So I don't know what's with everyone calling me this morning to ask me if I was snowed in. First, I'm sorry if I gave you the impression that I have a life, but if you call me on a day off before about 3pm, all I know is that the bed is warm. You obviously haven't seen all the pictures I have of my cat. Second, I live in Alabama.

No, we did not get snow. Yes, I'm aware that the news said we were under a winter storm warning -- the news also has a deal with the local grocery stores to sell bread and milk. We got a lot of hail & sleet. Lots-O-Ice out there. I expect the ancient power lines to southeast housing to fail any minute now.

Thanks for the concern. Yes, I have bread and milk.

Questions I have for China and her fellow country-men.

1. Is it ok to store piles of food on the floor in other countries? All my foreign roommates have stored huge bags of rice on the floor. And you may scoff because you have a sack of potatoes on the floor -- but they never move these. Bugs and shit get under it. A stain forms on the floor. Mold grows. I saw a roach on it today -- not on the bag -- it was crawling on THE RICE. This is not ok.

2. Is it alright to leave raw meat laying around? China likes to leave raw meat on the table and on the couch. I think it's a health hazard.

3. They like rice over there, don't they? Just sayin'...

4. Do they have light bulbs? And yeah, I'm actually kinda serious about this one. Since China moved in, I'm the one who replaces all the lights when they go out. Recently, I got tired of this because she's the one who doesn't realize that there is an "off" switch. I see the check she gets from the university every month -- she can buy something her own damn self. So I didn't replace the living room lights when they went out. Then I didn't replace the kitchen light when it went out either. Nor did I replace the one on the table. You know what? There's no lights left in the front half of the apartment. I'm not exaggerating -- they're all out. At night, it's just dark. Now, I don't really mind because I hang out in my room most of the time -- but she's always out there cooking and eating dinner at the table... in the dark. And this has gone on for like 2 months. She eats dinner at the table... in the dark. Why doesn't she just pay 74 cents for a pack of 4 light bulbs? It's seriously gotten to the point where I wonder if she knows that she can just buy another light bulb to replace the ones that burnt out. She knows what a light-bulb is, right? They have them there, right?

5. Do they ever clean things in China? They have mops -- right? How about brooms? Do they wipe the counters? Clean the toilets?

6. How come China stores her bread and cookies in the refrigerator -- but her open salad-dressing containers which say "refrigerate after opening" and all her soy sauces and unidentifiable semi-viscous things in jars are left on the counter? 'Cause that ranch dressing is going to go bad sitting on the counter but those chocolate chip cookies don't need to be sitting in the fridge. You know what else needs to go in the fridge? All that meat.

7. How can a person function in class when they do not speak the language. This is her 4th semester here. She still cannot speak to me. She wanted me to call Jack out of her room -- but I didn't understand what she wanted. She just kept saying "you yak -- yak -- yak -- ruum -- yak ruum." You understand your advanced physics class, but you can't form a simple sentence in English? I mean hell, say it real slow if you have to -- but she can't even do that! and its JACK like JACK-ASS, not yak. J. JAY.

Jacks first bath. Alternate title: I'M SO SORRY

Jack's First Bath
Originally uploaded by KarenAlexa.
Tonight, unbeknownst to him, I cleaned the kitchen sink; laid out a towel; and grabbed some soap for what was to be Jacks first bath. (Because what better time could there possibly be besides 4AM?) His curiosity always gets the best of him, so I didn't even have to chase him down -- he was already right there! So I grabbed him, and got him as wet as I could before he killed me. He wasn't particularly bad -- but he certainly isn't a fan. This might have the beneficial side-effect of keeping him away from the sink from now on.

He's been sitting in the exact same spot licking his wet fur (wounds?) ever' since. He's even too busy to eat the treat I gave him to make myself feel better. And I feel so bad for him that I'm even letting him lick in my presence -- you all know I can't stand that.

I hope he's not mad at me. Mad cats are known to do bad things... like piss on your bed. I'm not keeping a cat that will do something like that so this will be a major test for the little fur-ball. He's going to have to live with baths because he likes to sleep on my bed. No stinky unclean things allowed in the bed. Now cute furry coconut-lime-verbana scented things that like to curl up beside me a purr while I watch TV -- those can sleep in my bed.

I'm sorry Jack -- it's just soap & water!

Two things you can buy me to make me happy:

1. A can of magnetic spray paint and a second kit of magnetic poetry -- perhaps the one about sex, but any would be cool. I want to paint a wall in my dorm room with it and cover it with magnetic poetry. I think it'd be AWESOME.

2. An appointment with a hairstylist. I'd like to go pink again -- though a "normal" color would also make me happy.

I'd buy these myself but I'm too broke.

Is this a comment on the culture?

How do you get Mac users to download and open your shiny new virus? Make it a trojan disguised as Mac OS X 10.5 screenshots. You gotta admit... it shows that they know their target audience ;)

If it sounds too good to be true... it probably is.

Frisbee Golf aint no joke.

Frisbee Golf
Originally uploaded by KarenAlexa.
I played my first ever game of frisbee golf today. I had to ask someone where hole one was anyway, so I just asked if he'd like company in his game -- so he let me catch up and join him. It's a good thing because without him, I'd never have known where the next hole was and I certainly wouldn't have known where the basket was.

Frisbee golf is much harder than I imagined. Apparently we have a tournament course. That means its hard... even if you don't suck. And I suck.

I was tired by the time we did all 18 holes! I had to walk home -- it was a slow walk. It'll be good exercise though. Throwing a disc and walking to that is better than just walking nowhere. I'm sure i'll get better -- I mean you can only get better, right?

I deserve a fresh fruit smoothie now...

Happy Valentines!

A picture is worth a thousand words

The face of misery

Nap Time
Originally uploaded by KarenAlexa.
This afternoon I actually took the initiative to clean out my refrigerator. There were things in there that expired in November. Naturally, I had some garbage to take out.

When I returned from tossing the bag, there was a Russian guy talking to Jack through the window. Jack likes to meow at people through the window -- as long as he's on the inside -- he still refuses to exit the apartment.

So I joked that he was talking to the cat and offered to let him play with him a bit if he wanted. He asked me if Jack was mine, of course I said yes. He told me Jack was miserable. I told him he wasn't miserable, he was just waiting for me to come back in. He said he was starving. I laughed and said, "not with as much as he eats." He asked me if he was on a starvation diet -- of course, I said no. He told me that Jack was obviously miserable in there. I didn't know what to say.

Yeah, he's miserable -- it shows in the way he sleeps in the wide open and purrs constantly. The way he jumps in my lap and purrs every 5 minutes to make sure I still know he's here. I can really tell he's not having any fun pouncing on every thing he sees and attacking the million toys i've bought him. It is especially evident in the fact that if I give him a choice of going out or going back inside, he ALWAYS chooses inside. And when he sniffs my nose and purrs at me, I just KNOW he hates me for this miserable existence he lives.

And as to starvation -- my lord. He has gourmet cat food that is always in a full bowl. That's supplemented by canned food and gravy more nights than not -- and lord knows he gets as many cat treats as he could possibly desire. That is of course, until 2 days ago when he led my mothers dog to eat them all. So yeah, he's obviously starving -- I mean look at him, he HAS to be malnourished.

And the fact that Every night I give him fresh food and water, scoop out his litterbox, vacuum up the mess he makes and take time to play with him -- that just makes it worse.

I bet that guy belongs to P.E.T.A too. Malnourished my ass.

Two things:

1. Grey's Anatomy went there with the stupid bomb plot of the same type that destroyed the previously-much-loved E.R. -- BUT -- it was soooo good. I screamed during tonights episode. It was that good. And man there are so many cute guys on the show too.

2. Dick Cheney shot someone. It was a hunting accident. He totally shot his friend. What a moron -- how many hunting accidents are there a year? How many of those could have been avoided? What? All of them? Oh.

More on the Olympics

How on earth can someone skate that perfectly and land a move that has NEVER been landed at the olympics and be beat by China who wasn't even together for part of the routine? Give me a break! Even the commentors admitted that was bullshit. +1 for that move? ONE? It's NEVER EVER been landed in ANY Olympic games EVER.

And they skated better in my opinion even without that move. That's crap -- that's what that is. And BTW, excellent costumes. I'm pleased to see a guy dressed in a suit -- he looks like he just pulled off his jacket and got on the ice. Nice pin-stripe straight-leg pants and a sexy vest with a tucked in tie. For once, a skater that looks like a man and not some pansy in tights. THAT'S WORTH ONE POINT FOR GODS SAKE.

Michelle Kwan better get it together.

I don't know if yall've been watching the olympics, but Michelle Kwan needs to get her prissy little ass up and skate for the fucking country. She didn't even earn her spot on the team -- she didn't compete to earn her spot because of an injury! You know who DID earn a spot on the team? Emily Hughes. And if Kwan wants to sit there and whine about how important her health is and that she's not going to compete unless she's 100% then she needs to drop out and let Emily in -- the deadline is approaching.

We aren't talking about something she's doing for herself. She's not trying to win a gold metal for herself -- she's trying to win one for the US. Shes in the OLYMPICS -- the world wide -- best of the best -- only every 4 years mother-fucking-olympics. If you're not willing to give your all and risk breaking a leg, then get the hell out and let someone else step up. There are so many people of olympic quality who would give anything to have the chance Kwan has now -- and they wouldn't be telling the media that they're thinking of not competing because they woke up stiff and had a bad practice round.

I don't want to hear her shit on the news. You're either there to perform NO MATTER WHAT or you drop out so we can buy Hughes a plane ticket and she can be out there practicing.

Kwan "has to watch her health these days." Nu-uh. You're not competing for yourself you spoiled little brat. She had her chance 4 years ago and this year shes taking it for granted -- I want to see someone up there who wouldn't dream of complaining in front of a camera and threatening to drop out. I want to see someone up there who'd give their arm for the chance -- cause they're out there and they deserve it WAY MORE than Kwan does.

Get your ass on a plane back to the US and let the rightful winner compete. If she doesn't drop out before the deadline, we're not going to have a skater. And I'm gonna send the bitch hate mail.

Papa's Gyros vs. Tony's

Today I was away from the house around lunch time. I needed to go to the store anyway & I really wanted some tea so I decided to just grab something for lunch. I wanted something that wasn't too heavy -- maybe a chicken wrap. So I decided that on my way home I'd grab some Chick-Fil-A. I walked past a gyro shop -- Papa's Gyros and what's a gyro except a kinda of wrap? So I went in and got a chicken gyro.

Was it that great? Well it's really good but I'm not going to do flips about it -- the reason I'm posting is because it so reminds me of a lunch I had in Germany. I don't remember what city we were in but I remember the street perfectly. The way it worked was we'd go somewhere, maybe do a tour of a museum and then we had a few hours to wander around and grab lunch before everyone had to meet back at the bus. So this day, I wandered off with my mother and Tracy. For lunch, we stopped at "Tony's."

Now I don't know if yall've ever been to Germany -- or even if you have, if you got the same impression I did -- but from what I saw, Germans love some meat. Their "quick" food -- meaning stuff in cafes and from street venders involves huge hunks of unidentifiable meat. Not the kinda place someone like me is going to find 'good eats.' Tony's was no different. When we entered the cafe/resturant, the counter was immediately to our left. Behind this counter were massive chuncks of meat spinning on vertical rotisseries. And when I say massive, I don't want you to under-estimate me. I think it had to be three feet long at least and probably 1.5 feet wide. And there were at least three of them.

When you placed your order, you chose what kind of meat you wanted. Not that anyone there spoke English so we had no idea what they were. But they took your pita bread thing and walked over to the rotisserie with a huge knife and just started hacking pieces off into the bread. Uhuh. YUM! Then they topped it with lettuce and sauce, wrapped it up and there's lunch! Actually, it was pretty good as I recall. I went with a lighter color of meat. God only knows what it was -- I bet it was veal or some other baby animal. They love some veal in Europe.

Actually, I didn't like European food at all. I liked Italy's food. Germany though, when I think of Germany, I think of meat. I remember a street vender sold sanwiches. They were really just a piece of bread (and don't get me started on Europe's bread -- I'm American, i like my bread soft... or at least soft enough to bite) and large chuncks of meat. Like cubes of meat that were probably about 2 X 2 inches. There's no way in hell you could eat that like a sandwich. And don't think I'm talking about cubes of steak here -- I think it was pork. But it had a really hard outside. I threw it away. Honest to God, I just threw it away. That's how much I liked it.

I remember eating at the Weinersnitzle too. I think that was in Heidleburg. Who cares what kind of food you get when you're in Germany eating at a restaurant called the Weinersnitzle?

Man that trip was full of great experiences -- bad food, but awesome experiences. And if you ever take a trip like that, let me give you a tip -- you'll love seeing the real Mona Lisa and standing at the Trevi Fountain, but don't forget to take pictures of the "other stuff" too. Most of my pictures were of the restaurants we ate at and the hotels we stayed in -- people napping on the bus, and hauling around huge suitcases of souvenirs. In fact, one of my favorite pictures was in a alley in Florence behind a glass working shop. It was of Sarah... crying because a pigeon had just crapped in her hair. And the picture is beautiful -- the way the light shown down between the two tall buildings -- I swear it was straight out of a movie... only it has a crying red head with white pigeon poop in her hair. Those pictures are the most fun to browse through -- even my mother agrees. Remembering the experience is the best part. Sure, I like to look at a picture of the Eiffel Tower that I took myself. But the better picture, in my opinion, is of the guy that followed me for an hour trying to get me to buy a keychain ...and the Eiffel Tower appears in the background. Look at that stuff when you're there -- you can get postcards that show the rest.

Ramblings on wrongs and anger

Last night as I lay in bed, I pondered a relationship I have with a person that sprung out of a huge argument. I remembered that we "met" because of our difference of opinion, I just couldn't remember what that difference of opinion was. I had wanted to tear his head off -- and now I couldn't even remember what it was all about. It was kinda funny. And I started getting in the philosophical frame of mind where you realize how pointless our anger can sometimes be...

And then I remembered exactly what I was so mad about. And I wanted to rip his head off all over again.

And then today, the same thing occurred. A wrong that had been done in the past, remembered and anger renewed. And you know what? Screw all that shit about how stupid it was to be angry. No way, I had great reason in both cases. I never actually got over being angry about it, I just decided to move on for the sake of living.

And that's what we do isn't it? We just move on and accept that we got screwed for no good reason. But just because I've decided to accept that the guy drug my name out and insulted me in public forum when I had no previous knowledge of his existence, does not mean that sometime in the grand scheme of things, I owe him a big 'ol bitch-slap.

Screw all the "life is bigger than that" crap. We all deserve to kick someone or anothers butt for some reason -- and we're totally justified in it.

Of course who knows how many people deserve to kick MY ass... so I guess all we can do is hope that it cancels out in the end. When I die, I hope that when you add up the wrongs I've done and the wrongs that have been done to me -- I hope I come out just slightly on top... so maybe I get to give someone a dirty look or something. Of course if I come out on top of a mountain of wrongs done to me -- that's fine too. Can I trade it in for a car or something? Of course who needs a car when you're dead... How about a bigger tombstone? Maybe I could be buried in the car...


In other news, I was watching TV a bit ago and realized that I was sitting with my legs crossed. Dude, when did I learn to do that? This needs to be documented.

If you were curious as to the levels of my procrastination...

Let me point out that rather than studying for the test I have in the morning, I just scrubbed my shower... with a scrub brush... at 2:30 AM.

Well, it needed to be done.

Now Hobby?

Originally uploaded by KarenAlexa.
I've decided to take up Disc (Frisbee) Golf. So the other day I went to the sporting goods store and looked over the variety of over-priced frisbees. (Actually, I went to the off-campus book store to find that they closed 12 minutes before I got there at three. Then I went to the campus book store to find it was also closed and THEN I called Dick's to see if they carried them and that's where I ended up). After taking all the variables of color, price, float, spin, distance, and tendency to curve in flight into consideration; I settled on three. I got a nice shiny pink distance driver, a multi-purpose disc, and a putter.

Naturally, I wanted to post a picture of them and that's what you see here. I didn't set it up. I didn't egg him on. This is the series of pictures that resulted. Jack doesn't hold a high opinion of disc golf.

Homework Sucks.

I don't have a program due tomorrow, but I do have some program design documentation due tomorrow. I didn't think this would take all that long to do until I just opened the example documents. Yeah, look that over. All 20 pages of it.

How many points is this gonna be worth? Do I have enough printer ink to print it when I'm done? See, the old me would say -- fuck that. It's probably only going to be 5 points of the program grade anyway. But unfortunately the new spring semester me wants to make an A and is actually going to waste god knows how much time writing these documents. Dammit.

Life's Pleasures

Man I'm loving this whole new experience of shrinking into clothes. Let me explain. Anyone who knows me for real, knows that if I'm at home -- 80% of the time, I'm walking around in a sleeveless top. I can't help it. I know they aren't super flattering on me but damn they're just so great. And I wear them under a lot of clothes so I'm usually wearing one anyway. So it's only natural that my mom gives me them a lot. Like for Christmas, she gave me 2 that had built in bras -- the best kind! But they were too small... But I kept them anyway because I'm still losing about 8 pounds a month, it's only a matter of time.

Then tonight I came in from shopping -- i bought a new purse. Originally 60 dollars. I got it for 20. Uhuh. Picked up a new wallet too. Anyway, it's storming really bad here so when i came in I was soaked. Naturally, I'm gonna change into one of my sleeveless tops. And I went to the drawer to grab one (Yes, I have so many that they have their own drawer). And I saw the two mom got me for Christmas and I figured hey -- worth a shot right?

Uhuh. It fits perfectly. Nice isn't it? At Christmas they were way too small. Not a wearable too small but a -- girl you know you're way bigger than that small. And it looks good on me too.

This is fun!

"Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?"

Yes I ate the candy. Yes, I feel soooooooo sick that I want to curl up and stretch out and get in a hot shower and a cold shower and vomit and just generally cry. I'm sorry. Yes, it was really good candy. No, I'm not sure it was worth it.

Oh and I've posted far too many pictures of Mr Jack lately, so here's one of me... while I was playing with Jack. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

And no, the title has nothing to do with the post except "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"

The 4 meme. I know, I'm lame sometimes.

Four jobs I’ve had:
1. Barnes & Noble Bookseller
2. Super Target Cashier
3. Steak & Ale Hostess
4. Daycare Supervisor (Believe it or not, I have a legal license to supervise large numbers of small children -- didn't know that, did ya!) 4 years of watching grades 1 through 6 and 1 year of putting 4 and 5 year-olds on time-outs. And yet people still question my ability to babysit.

Four movies I can watch over and over:
1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
2. Coming to America ("Sexual Chocolate!")
3. Trading Places
4. Meet the Parents

Four places I’ve lived:
1. 312 Lance Way, Birmingham Al
2. 544 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham Al
3. 1156 Bowman Rd, Birmingham Al
4. John Wright Dr, Huntsville Al

Four TV shows I love to watch:
1. Project Runway (Bravo)
2. Medium (NBC)
3. Iron Chef - Original & America (Food Network)
4. Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Four places I’ve been on vacation:
1. Panama City Beach, Florida
2. Phoenix, Arizona
3. Florence, Italy
4. Lucern, Switzerland

Four of my favorite dishes:
1. Fajitas or Burritos
2. Taco Salad
3. Pizza
4. Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli

Four sites I visit daily:
1. Wired news
2. Bloglines
3. Questionable Content
4. Get Fuzzy

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. The Botanical Gardens in full bloom on a nice breezy day
2. The Louvre
3. Walking through ancient ruins -- Rome is nice, but some lesser known - less crowded place with a reasonable temperature would be just as nice.
4. A Mexican Restaurant (with good company)

I tag Izzy.

Credit Card!

So my downward spiral into debt can finally start! (Kidding, I think). I have finally been approved for a credit card! No one will every approve me. Not Visa, Mastercard, Discover, no student cards -- nothing. But someone finally approved me. I can build credit now!

So guess who finally did? I was in the airport a few weeks ago and AirTran was pushing their Visa cards. I usually don't apply places like that because every time I get denied, I lose another credit point. But they were giving away teddy bears. And there was no annual fee. And there were free airline miles. And teddy bears. So I was like hey -- what the hell. And now I'm approved! Yay!

Sorry, had to tell someone.

EDIT: I just got approved for a Master Card too! I've been trying to get a credit card off and on for 5 years and here two approve me in the very same day. Nice.

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