Work woes -- you knew they were coming.

So the time for me to not like working at BN has finally come. I had been hoping they would keep me for more than just seasonal work, but the other day I found out that that will not be. So now I have no motivation for working there.

Then this Saturday I called out. Now I had good reason to call out -- and I didn't just not show up. I went in Thursday, tried to fill the shift by calling everyone who wasn't working that day, and informed RA that I wouldn't be able to come in. RA was VERY rude and bitchy about it. That pissed me off because I've never missed a single shift. There are people who work there who literally probably miss a shift a week. JS, anyone? Whats his percentage of shifts worked? 45%... MAX? And most people don't even call in -- they just don't show up. So yeah, that didn't settle well with me. She also didn't tell anyone. So Friday, I made sure to tell RJ and B too. I gave them 2 days advance notice and told every higher-up I saw in those two days.

And yet... Saturday morning, they were wondering where the hell I was. Erin had to tell D that I had called out -- no one had passed along the message to him. B also decided to get on some high-horse about how "I had accepted the responsibility of having the job" and blah blah blah. Bitch, I already explained why I wasn't coming in to you personally.

Now I'm REALLY pissed. Instead of getting hurt when people talk about me behind my back and get angry at me, I just get pissed and start to hate them.

So that's my bitchy whining rant about work for the day. I'm done.


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