Why I hate APS: Part 207

I half-heartedly mentioned having to get a lot of paper work from my Psychiatrist the other day. While I was there, I figured I had nothing to lose by asking them to write a real letter to my housing director recommending that I have a cat. Surprisingly, the nurse agreed to do this. It was supposed to be ready for me to pick up yesterday.

At close yesterday, however, she had not written it and told me to call today (Friday). So I called early this afternoon. She still hadn't written it so she told me to call back between 4 and 5. I snuck away from work and called at 4:05 on the dot. She wrote it, but has to get the doctor to sign it. She told me to call back between 5 and 6. Ok. I jump through hoops to get off work early and go ahead and schedule the appointment to meet with the housing director on Monday. I call them at 5:30. They are closed (they close at 5). So I drive down there (I have to pick it up in person because they cannot fax it -- even with my permission and plenty of paperwork giving them my written permission). No one is there.

DAMMIT. What a totally incompetent bitch. They can't ever get ANYTHING right. And now they won't be open this weekend and I have an appointment with the housing director at 8:30 on Monday morning. I also can't cancel the appointment because HIS office is also closed until Monday and I'll be his first appointment. Dammit all. Just dammit all.

I'm transferring all my prescriptions elsewhere as soon as I find a willing doctor and hopefully I won't ever have to deal with them again. They're always rude, they get everything wrong, and they treat you like you are insane .. but not quite insane enough to get an appointment within the next 3 months. I may have issues, but I'm not a drug-addicted lunatic -- you wouldn't know that by the way they treat me though. It's always so stressful when I need them to refill a prescription for me. I can't take it anymore. APS is SHIT.


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