Where's my sticker(s)?

Today my subconscious was so messing with my head. You know how you have dreams where you get up and get ready to go and then climb back in bed to catch a little bit more sleep. Then you ignore your alarm and the time because, after all, you are already ready to go -- you've only got to put your shoes on. Then you finally get up and realize that your subconscious totally screwed you? It was somewhat like that.

Lately, and by lately I mean for the past month or so, I've been dreaming about being in school. It's the same continuous dream only it takes place in my old high school and includes a few teachers from elementary school. I'm taking English and History too -- my two WORST subjects. I think we have P.E. as well -- ugh. These dreams started even before this semester when I was already worrying about it. So in it's own warped way, it has a backlog of history/memories and realistic timeframe. But these dreams always really suck, like I'll be going to a class that I haven't attended in two weeks and there will be a test. Or in P.E. we have this totally impossible course to run and everyone can do it but me. Mainly they revolve around anxiety. Anxiety of going to a class I haven't attended in a while and not knowing what's going on and knowing that everyone knows I haven't been there and they turn me into a joke.

Anyway, this particular morning I dreamt that I slept late and missed class. So I'm laying in bed and I look at the clock and what's the point of getting up -- I already missed class. History starts at 11 and I missed it. Dammit. And then after like an hour, I realize -- holy shit, I don't have a class at 11 -- dude, I don't even take history! Fuck me, I gotta get to class.

Does stuff like that happen to any of yall? Do I need to add another medication to what Steph already refers to as "my growing collection?"

Anyway, I went to BOTH classes today. Yep. AND I walked so I got my exercise too. You know, I really am still fascinated that I can walk all the way across campus to class and not be out of breath. Dude, I totally walk to class now. I've never been able to do that before. So yeah, I did the school thing just like I should -- where's my sticker?

And for bonus points, I went to the grocery store. PLUS, I stuck to my budget. Well, Ok so I went over 93 cents -- that's not even a dollar. Do any of yall keep track of how much you are spending when you grocery shop? I never do -- I just buy what I need and what I like. The past few times though, I've had to keep track because I only have a small amount of money. Wow, I shop so much better on a budget -- I come home with exactly what I needed and better things too. Seems like I get so much more for my money that way. You should try it.

Then, for even more bonus points, I totally washed and folded all my laundry (using the dryer sheets that I purchased at the store). Oh yeah, and I cooked dinner too. My lord I was so good and domestic today that I can't believe it. It's a good thing I didn't mop, I might have been struck down for overstepping my bounds of usefulness.


Anonymous Leah said...

I totally keep track of what I spend. I don't have a budget, per se, but I write down how much I spent on each trip. Helps keep me honest.

A tip on dryer sheets -- you don't need them for towels (they make towels less absorbant somehow). Also, you can use them more than once. Anyway, might help stretch that small budget even further.

1:12 AM  

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