Was my butt THAT big?

Was my butt THAT big?
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I know I didn't do a 8-months post-op update. I didn't do one on purpose. Yes, I lost another 8 pounds this month but I just didn't feel like dragging out a tape measurer and recording my progress. (I'm so resisting the urge to put "slow" before progress). I'm half-way to my goal now! HALF! And it's been 8 and a bit months -- maybe I'll make my goal after all eh? I'm told I have 18 months of prime weight loss opportunity -- so I'm half way to my goal and I haven't even spent half of the prime weight-losing time yet. Yay! This makes me feel good.

Tonight, I decided that I'd drag out some of the old clothes and see what 80 pounds lost (note -- 68 since surgery) looks like. I need the moral boost (especially after having a full-blown anxiety attack this morning). And wow -- yeah, you CAN tell. As the title says: Wow, my butt was a lot bigger than a remember. This makes me feel good :) Almost great, even. And look at how big the shirt is. Damn.

Feel free to urge me on in the comments -- and by saying that I'm totally requesting it, I admit it.

I lose about 2 pounds a week -- that's where I've been for quite a while now. I hate that "weight-loss panic chart" I started filling out a few months ago. Yes, I'm 30 pounds behind the average (insert many curse words here), BUT writing down my loss each week gives me no choice but to recognize that I'm still losing steadily. Also, as to being 30 pounds behind the average -- please note that in the first two weeks when all I could eat was jello and I was told I was doing TOO much moving around, I only lost half the average amount -- my body just likes the fight me. Maybe it's all the anxiety...

Oh, and take note -- I uploaded some photos to flicker tonight. There's a few of me in the super baggy clothes -- plus a special bonus photo of how gross my neck looks when I strain it. I honestly can't tell if that's normal or if my skin is just really loose. It feels so icky when you touch it! Can you tell that I've always been fat? These things amaze me.

I also documented China's habit of thawing raw meat all over the apartment -- and I got the rice cooker in the same shot -- score! And check out the unidentifiable ingredients on my counter-top. And yeah, you knew there'd be one of Jack in there too...


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