These cops suck

There's a speed trap on 565 East just past Research Blvd. Not just ANY speed trap -- this is 6 police cars lined up and picking off the speeders one by one. They have dedicated 6 police cars and at least as many officers that could be out doing something more useful to stopping speeders on a stretch of interstate that I have yet to see a problem on in my 2 years of living here.

Can we say "waste of resources?" Good.

In fact, that's just about the safest stretch of interstate I know of. There's 5 lanes going in each direction, everything is clearly marked, the interstate is not in any disrepair at all. I've never seen a wreck or any problems on it. Sure people speed, but not nearly as bad as elsewhere.

Repeat with me: "waste of resources." Good.


Anonymous Leah said...

HUGE waste of resources.

They do that out here, too. I guess it's sort of justified by the money they get from speeders. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's why they do it -- they've got to be making more than it costs to have all those troopers out there. I got caught by a speedtrap like that once, and my ticket was $130 (plus a $40 traffic class).

Still really annoying. If we pay taxes to support the police, do you think they could patrol high traffic areas where people are likely to pull douche moves that are dangerous? Oh, no, wait, too busy catching speeders on a freakin' interstate that is pretty much designed for safe, high-speed travel.

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