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Today was my last day at BN. I was only seasonal and they "aren't keeping any seasonal people." I would be scheduled the worst possible shift: 9 to 5. I knew I should have called out -- I'm just too freaking reliable to do that with no reason. I didn't get to work with the people I like. Erin had the day off and cutie in the cafe was off too! I had even decided to make some boldly flirtatious statement about me having to leave before we even went on a date. The best laid plans always fail.

It was a long day. B was in a horrible bitchy mood and it was super slow (aka boring). Up until about 12:30 that was it -- just a boring last day. But then I took my lunch break and happened to catch a glimpse of next weeks schedule. You know -- the regular schedule. None of the managers ever talked to any of us seasonal people about when seasonal would end or anything like that. In fact the only way we knew was that last weeks schedule said it was the last seasonal one. So we all knew that today would be our last day. V had told me (in front of witnesses -- don't make me pull out the witnesses) that they weren't keeping ANY seasonal people this year -- she followed this with a lengthy explanation and blah blah. Fair is fair though -- I was hired as seasonal so I'll leave quietly even though I'd love to keep the job...


There was something odd about this schedule. Sure, MY name wasn't on it -- you know, the first seasonal person they hired -- but 3 of the other "seasonal" people WERE. They were working all week. WHAT THE FUCK? I was (and am) FURIOUS. I've called out once in the entire time I've worked there. I'm good at my fucking job. My till is always next to perfect. I'm quick and efficient. Hell, I sold three of their damned memberships today. PLUS I was the first seasonal person and have always made it clear that I wanted to stay -- and I'm the only one NOT STAYING? TWO people called out today -- they have jobs. K is like 9 months pregnant (quite literally) a total bitch who doesn't do any work cause she's pregnant and cant -- she's gonna drop that baby any day now and she won't be able to work THEN (not that she works now) and she decided to just not come in for her last TWO shifts -- SHE HAS A JOB.

I wanted to just up and leave. But I stayed -- lord only knows WHY. I even asked David why they got to stay and I didn't and he gave me some bullshit about how that was the only week. Bullshit -- you said last week was the last week for ALL of us -- why should I believe you now?


I was in a wretched mood for most of the day. Then at around 3:30 I look up -- and my mother was there. She literally scared me! My mom lives 2 hours away but she drove up to surprise me and have dinner! HOW SWEET! (Naturally, I asked if I could leave a bit early since my mom was right there but they wouldn't let me. Even though there were about 8 people there and 5 of them were just standing at customer service chatting it up because they are the click of the store and they don't have to work like the rest of us).

So we went out and had Mexican for dinner. Then she came over to my place to play with Jack for a bit -- and we went shopping too. It was nice. Such a great surprise after such a bad day.

My momma is sooooo cool.


Blogger Valentine said...

They kept two of the seasonals because K has taken her leave for the baby already. I asked Molly about it because I was pissed... I mean, I need hours, they don't need to keep incompetent people there.

I'm sorry you're upset about not getting to stay and I know what I'm about to say will upset you... but you could've done something about it early on. You weren't that pleasant to the people that worked there or the customers and you complained about shelving books, that was a big no-no as a seasonal. You knew going in that you would be temporary. It's rare when we actually keep people from the holidays. Ken and Nancy aren't staying forever, just helping out some.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Heh, look at that -- it DID piss me off. I was not "unpleasant" to the people who worked there or the customers. I don't know where you're getting that from. And you know full and well that I didn't complain about shelving books. Me and nancy and Ken were talking about what our favorite positions were and I said I liked cashiering because at customer service you had to shelve books. That's not complaining. Complaining would be me shevling books and griping about it.

And what the fuck -- you're nice as long as I work there and then you decide to change your mind the day after I'm not? How nice of you.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Valentine said...

I was there too and I saw how you were. You lied to the customers and told me to "shush" when I corrected you. And you told me that you told R Joy that you didn't like shelving books.

That isn't it at all. I know what I said wasn't nice, but I still want to be your friend. I just knew that saying that while you were at B&N would make things hell.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Um... "shush" is a joke. If I really want someone to be quiet, I'm not going to use a word that makes me laugh.

And as to lieing to customers -- when did I do that? I JOKED that we should lie to customers -- but I didn't lie to customers.

Anyway, I'm done. I don't work there anymore so no point in wasting time on it.

3:24 PM  

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