Stalked for a video game guide.

You may not know it, but BN stocks video game guides too. Obviously, with the millions of games out there though - we don't have a guide for every game. This was the case with a man who came in wanting a guide for "God of War." No problem, dude, we can totally order that for you and you'll have it next week. Cool.

So we placed the order (I remember helping this man and ordering it for him -- lucky for me he doesn't remember ME). This arrived last week, I suppose. As is our way, we called him to let him know it was there and that we would hold it for 10 days. Specifically, R called him. So he came in to pick it up.

Problem: we seem to have misplaced it. Yes, we lost the guys book -- we admit our wrong, but this guy was furious. Eventually we had the store manager talking to him and every single employee looking for the book. We went through the manga and comics, and the game guides, and the crossword puzzles, and the magazines, -- anywhere it might have been placed by mistake -- plus we ransacked the back and the info counter -- no one could find it anywhere. The book is just lost. Any normal person would take a deeply irritated breath and accept that we can reorder it and give you a discount for the trouble. Not so with this man.

He demanded to talk to the regional manager -- so we let him. He accused R of stealing the guide for herself. he demanded she be fired. Through all of his fit, he was seriously convinced that she stole it. Obviously, everyone knows the guy is off his rocker so nothings going to happen to her -- lord only knows where it ended up. I'm placing bets that it ended up with the returns or trash.

So to appease the raging maniac, we order the book again -- we are having it shipped over night to him at no expense -- PLUS he gets it for 50% off. You would think this would pacify him. Not so.

Today he called. He didn't say who he was -- but we so know it was him. He asked if R was there. She wasn't. He asked when she was supposed to come in. We aren't allowed to tell people things like that. He asked if she had been fired. He was angry and he wants to talk to her... because she stole his VIDEO GAME guide. Apparently she spotted the guide, decided to steal it and then called him to tell him his order had come in. The deviant little bitch.

So she's getting stalked by some idiot over a VIDEO GAME GUIDE. Yes. Take a moment to absorb that. How can someone get THAT upset over something so trivial? I think that guys dangerous. I'm so glad he doesn't remember that I placed the order for him. If he shows up again, the police are going to be called and a restraining order placed. He's THAT angry.


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What a freak.

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