Slowly going blind.

The other day in class, the professor used an overhead projector to display some paperwork that we, as software engineers, will soon have to write to prove that we wrote the previous paperwork which was to provide back-up that we wrote the paperwork before that. Really, writing software is 98% paperwork. I'm totally serious. Anyway... Even though I sit in the front row, I could not read the words projected on the wall.

You're supposed to get new lenses for your glasses every 2 years. These lenses are not even 2 years old yet. This disturbs me.

Now today, I sit down at the computer without my glasses on and trying to read the words that are a mere 2 feet from my face is giving me a major headache. I had to go get my glasses just to write this post. And I'm NEAR-sighted.

So this is it. I'm going blind. I shall go to the eye-doctor and order my coke-bottle lenses.


Blogger CutieGirl12 said...

Your not going blind you probably just need different lenses not the type you ussually wear but I'm not an eye doctor so I might not be right. Check out my blog if you get the chance!

1:55 PM  

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