REAL rechargeable batteries

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but why don’t they make rechargeable batteries? And no, I’m not talking about those pieces of shit that they call rechargeable batteries now. Those are based on the regular old battery capacitor whatevers. I’m talking about making something that works exactly the same as a cell phone or iPod or whatever battery, but is in the convenient shape and design to replace your good old double and triple A’s. Yeah. A double A battery that runs for days and days – probably longer because the devices that take AA batteries don’t need nearly as much power as the standard cell phone or iPod. Then when it dies, pull it out stick it on the charger and in like 2 hours you’re good to go for another couple of weeks.

See rechargeable batteries as we know them now are shit. They only have a certain number of life cycles – they have horribly short charge life and they’re expensive as fuck. But what about cell phone batteries – laptop batteries – hell you’re fucking color iPod can play music on a back-lit color screen for like 20 hours. Could a AA come even close to that? Fuck no. An yes, the cell phone battery costs like 60 times more, but it will also last you years. No replacing the remote batteries – the digital camera batteries – and lord if you have kids, imagine this: no replacing all those little beeping blinking electronics batteries. Just have a couple of really kickass AAs in the drawer and you are set, my friend!

See, I think the reason this hasn’t been done is that manufacturers want a cheap power source – and we all know standard batteries are way cheaper. I’m not saying stop making them. Your TV remote can still come prepackaged with some good old Duracells – but give the consumer the option to pull out all the stops. Sure it works with your batteries, but give us the option of replacing them with something that will last almost infinitely longer. And yes, to replace all your double As would cost you an arm and a leg. I’m not saying replace them all – but for parents, they could have a set to keep in their childs favorite toy of them moment. Or I could put them in my digital camera. Or safety workers could still use their trusty Mag-Lite flashlights and theyd NEVER be dead when they needed them. And if they were, they could plug them in to their cars cigarette lighter like we do any cellphone and get a charge that will make them useable again.

Why hasn’t anyone one this? How much does a patent cost? I should patent this.


Anonymous Leah said...

some digital cameras have batteries like this. My nikon runs on a lithium battery ion, so I can pull it out and recharge it whenever it runs out.

it is very convenient except when you're in a third world country with no power. then, it's kind of a bitch.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

But you see, if they were perfectly compatible with the standard batteries (likeAA) then you'd have had the option of using some cheap old AAs until you could charge your kickass batteries. I'm telling you -- this is a winning concept here.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

I *think* there is an adapter I can buy to use AA in my camera. The digital camera that my newspaper at school had used a rechargeable but also had the adapter.

7:55 PM  

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