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The Heart Rounds Up the Unusual Suspects
I sleep with the cat
When no one will have me.
When I can’t give it away
For love or money-

I telephone the ones
Who used to love me.
Or try to lure the leery
Into my pretty web.

I’m loony as a June bride.
Cold as a bruja’s tit.
A pathetic bitch.
In short an ordinary woman.
Grateful to excessiveness.

At the slightest tug of generousness,
I stick to the cyclop who takes me,
Lets me pee on the carpet
And keeps me fed.

Have you seen this woman?
I am considered harmless.
Armed and dangerous.
But only to me.
-Sandra Cisneros


I swear I didn't right that. Really. Look it up. I am however please to say that it's something I could see myself writing, but not something I'd write at the moment. And sure, I'm fully aware that the whole lonely woman with a cat thing is totally over-done and pathetic -- but I like the cat, dammit. He's cute. And yeah... he curls up with me in bed - so what? I never said I WASN'T lonely.


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