I've been organizing things on my computer. Yesterday I deleted and freshened up my buddy lists... all of them. That was kinda depressing. The names you've been meaning to delete for some time make it look like you talk to more people than you really do. Seeing your "buddies" cut in half is super depressing.

Today I moved all my RSS feeds over to bloglines. My RSS reader pissed me off today so I made the switch... back. Yes, I used to use bloglines, then a certain someone told me I was an idiot for not using NewNewsWire because bloglines was for idiots. Of course now that he uses bloglines, NetNewsWire is for idiots and therefore I am an idiot for not using bloglines. Uhuh. I like that bloglines can be read from anywhere, and NNW had trouble with atoms feeds -- but I really liked having that icon in my dock that told me when I had things to read. Can I get a bloglines widgit for my dashboard or something? That would be cool.


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