One month adoption-anniversary

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I almost missed posting that I've had Jack for exactly one month now! Yep. Exactly one month ago to this day, I took the little furball home. Isn't that sweet?

He's doing well -- spoiled, naturally. I'm so glad I decided to get him -- and I'm excited that he's turned out to be such a great cat. Waking up isn't quite so hard when he's looking at me and meowing cause the alarms going off. And it's nice to come home and find him purring because he's so happy I've returned to play with him and give him treats.

He sleeps in my bed, usually on my pillows. It doesn't matter how many times I take him off or tell him no, hell just wait till I fall asleep to snuggle up in my hair again. This morning I rolled over and rested my head on him... only I didn't know it was him. He surprisingly stood for it for a while before waking me up so he could move. He likes to get under the covers too. Man, I want to say "no you can't get in my bed" -- but it's just so sweet and cute. (I know Izzy is probably gagging by now).

When we first got him, he needed to be held constantly. He's already grown out of that one. On the one hand, I can type on the keyboard without him sitting on it. But on the other, it WAS pretty sweet. Now he's just content to sit somewhere near you. If I go over to my desk, he curls up in the cat-condo you see in the picture.

China is warming up to him. Today she walked in and he ran to my door to see who was here -- I heard her say something along the lines of "hedge-oh yak." I was worried that my apartment, and specifically my room would be too small for him, but he doesn't seem to mind. Not only does he not want to go outside, he hardly ever leaves my room. I leave the door open during the day for him, but he's content to stay in here or at the most, sit in the doorway and watch what you are doing.

And if anyone wants to give him presents, he requests feathers. Of all the toys (and believe me, I'm talking about a lot here) he LOVES anything with feathers. He eats them. He specifically like to wrestle with them on top of me while I'm trying to sleep. Though if you were going by my request, I'd have to say some kind of breath -freshening treats.

Speaking of his horrible breath, I'm pleased to say that my room doesn't smell like him or his litterbox! That was my biggest concern. I didn't want to stink and I didn't want my room to stink. I've managed to keep this up by dutifully cleaning his litterbox every single night. Plus, as always, there's plenty of candles and air-fresheners. And not that I admit this, but if I'm spraying a nice scent on myself before I head out the door... it might have a tendency to spray his way as well...

Anyway, that's enough about him... for now. HAPPY ADOPT-IVERSARY, JACK!


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