My what beautiful nails you have!

If you happened to be walking through Southeast tonight and heard the horrifying sounds of one of Gods beautiful creatures being slowly tortured to death, I just want to let you know that the spoiled brat is fine. It was just Jack getting his nails trimmed and a new set of SoftPaws caps applied. And no, he wasn't hurt in the process -- P.E.T.A. ain't got nothin' on me. He was even rewarded for his stunning over-dramatization with a dinner of gourmet beef tips and gravy while I, the one who did all the work and had to bear the screams, was stuck with leftover pizza. I repeat: the spoiled brat is fine.

In fact, while writing this very post, he just pulled an entire glass of tea on himself in an effort to get the neon pink bendy-straw for himself. And I felt so bad for him when I saw his fur dripping with oh-so-delicious Milos tea that I couldn't even punish him -- Instead, I dried him off with a towel and let him have the straw. He's now happily oblivious again.

And I changed his litter-box (which gets scooped every night), gave him fresh food, and cleaned and refilled his water dispenser. Yeah. He's fine. A little wet, but fine -- and cute. He's cute too.


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