Love. Pass it on.

Today was slow at work. People must have assumed everyone would be closed for New Years. Speaking of, Happy New Year! So all day I was pretty much the only cashier and even then, I still didn't have much to do.

One customer really caught me off guard. I asked him how he was -- as I am programmed to do. He said he was great. He asked how I was, and before I could answer he said I looked great. Now I knew he was just being a nice guy (he was an older gentleman -- the very cheery type) -- but he complimented me a couple of times during the short transaction. Even pointed out a new ring I got for Christmas. And while my cynical mind told me he was full of shit and just being nice, the other part of me brightened up real quick. I found myself a lot happier than I was just moments before.

Wow. A random stranger had just totally turned my day around.

It's nice to remember that we can all have such an impact on each other. Makes me want to go try to turn someone elses day around in return. So here's a reminder -- try to compliment a stranger every once in a while. A real compliment too -- something about their skirt or shoes or hair. We've all had those moments when a stranger tells us we have great eyebrows and it just makes your smile light up.

So pass it on -- there are worse ways to begin the year.


Anonymous Leah said...

thanks for the reminder. I love complimenting strangers! For awhile there, I made it a daily mission to find one stranger looking/doing something cool and say something.

I try and catch a person's eye and smile too. It's a fun game to see who will smile back.

2:13 AM  

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