It's like summer camp -- but for adults!

Tuesday, my sister went for another half-hearted suicide attempt cry for attention. Yes, she's fine. No, she wasn't really trying to die.

So now she's in a rehab center for two weeks which is going to cost someone (never her) some major money. This isn't the first time this has happened -- actually, something like this happens pretty regularly with her. The last time, she went to this same rehab center for two weeks under court order. She claimed to be better -- the whole family was behind her... and that lasted 2 weeks -- max. So this time, no one really gives a shit. She's worn out the good hearts of everyone she knows -- except for my mother, but she's approaching her breaking point.

We've been trying to get mom to kick her out for years. All she does is eat and drink and stress out mom (and I quite literally mean that thats all she does). So after this latest fiasco which involved her cutting up her arms and waking mom up at 4AM to show her -- then slitting her wrists while mom was getting dressed to take her to the hospital -- then drunkenly and repeatedly pulling out her IV line and being incapable of seeing WHY she couldn't go home... Wait, I got lost in my run-on. Ok so this time, my sister in law called her mom who lives in a Rehab center/mission in Tennessee to see if they could take her. Praise God they can!

Now this is a great place. It's free and it's done miracles with her mom -- MIRACLES I tell you. And hell, she likes it so much that she LIVES there. The program lasts a year and all Jenn has to do is call them. Jenn has to call them, not us.

Jenn won't do it.

She claims that she did this so that she could go back to Bradford (the rehab center she had to go to under court order). She knows she needs help because for the past 30 years all she's done is ruin everyones lives and drink. So she apparently reasoned that this was the only way. Cause, you know, just going up there and checking yourself in must be too simple.

Well what the fuck -- you can go to a rehab center that DIDN'T help you for two weeks and the expense of our entire family, OR you could go to this great mission in Tennessee for a year on God's dime. It's like fucking summer camp up there! Dude, they have doctors and therapists and great food and tons of programs and classes -- My sister-in-laws mom likes it so much that she LIVES THERE NOW. Do you know how many people would LOVE that? It's a year long free vacation -- but see the rest of us have obligations and such and no ones gonna pay for us to veg out for an entire year. AND SHE WON'T DO IT? Why the fuck not? Does she want to spend another 30 years holed up in her bedroom at moms house drinking until she passes out and loses control of her bowels and vomits on the expensive rug in the living room and someone has to check to see if shes still alive and either haul her piss-covered self to her bedroom or just leave her in the kitchen or front yard for the neighbors to see?

And no, I have not an ounce of sympathy for her. When mom relayed the story to me, she mentioned that when Jenn first woke her up, she thought something had happened to the cat. Well, as I told her and I'll tell yall now: I'd have cared more if something had happened to the cat. How many times do you want to be arrested for being drunk? How many public places do you want to pass out in? How many cars do you want to wreck? How many times do you want to make some lame ass attempt at suicide and how many years do you want to live with mom? Get off your goddamned ass and get over yourself.

Yes, I acknowledge that she has serious mental issues that she was born with. But you know what? I took her abuse for years and years. I grew up under the same circumstance only worse because I had to deal with her. She's always been the center of everything -- she gets all the handouts -- everyone wants to help her, all she has to do is get off her ass. And look at her. Do you see ME ruining everyones lives and becoming an alcoholic? No. I go to therapy and support groups and I take an obnoxiously high dose of powerful anti-depressants twice a day just to even have a chance at surviving the day. There wasn't any money for ME to move out and go to school but I did anyway. Hell we ALL did. No one has had it as easy or as cushy as she has PLUS we had to deal with her bullshit all our lives.

She has no excuse -- NONE. The help is there. The help is being shoved in her face. The support is there. She's HAD the help. She just won't do anything.

Ok, so yeah I'm just ranting. Everyone say a prayer that she'll go to that mission in Tennessee. Even if it doesn't work in the end -- it'll give the rest of us a year of peace.


Blogger Becki said...

That's exactly how I picture my sister being in 20 years.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Well then brace yourself for the fun! Woo!

11:35 PM  

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