I'm totally posting about my cat. Eat it.

Aye Matey!
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Captain Jack is now an official resident of Southeast Housing. I have permission to keep him! Now tell me I'm not the shit. I wanted a cat in southeast and I actually got permission to have one. My lord, I can do anything.

In celebration of this, I opened the blinds and let him look out the window. He has barely left the windowsill since. Not that it helped when I placed his cat bed in the window, but I thought he should be comfy. I'm thinking of making a little sign for people who walk by and see him. Something like: "Yeah, housing knows I'm here - Eat that you jealous bitches!"

Just kidding. Sorta.

In other news, I bought some SoftPaws for him. They're little vinyl sleeves for their claws so they can't destroy the couch or your skin, but you don't have to cut off their cute little toesies. No, I didn't get them in a color. But yes, I so would have. The kitten size only comes in clear. When he gets a little bigger I can choose colors! For Halloween, he will definitely have orange. I'm thinking of getting him blue too. It's only 20 dollars for 40 caps. And I only put them on his front claws. If these things actually stay on for 4 weeks like they claim, I am so recommending them to EVERYONE.

He wasn't a big fan of my clipping his nails and then gluing rubber caps to them, but after I was done -- he didn't even notice they were there. Seriously, I don't think he has any idea that I put anything on him. They are designed to come off naturally when he sheds his outer sheath and they don't interfere with extension and retraction of the claws. (Oh and their totally safe if he swallows one too) And now when he paws at me for attention or when I'm dangling a toy and he grabs it -- it TICKLES. No sharp little points! I love them! Everyone wins -- he's not bothered and neither am I. I'll let yall know how it goes. Oh, and when I get colored ones, you'll obviously get pictures whether you like it or not ;)


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