I hate the media.

Oprah just did a special on the "inevitable" bird flue pandemic. Let's all panic because we're hopelessly misinformed and we're all gonna die. She even had the nerve to make a deal out of doctors getting some vaccine that the rest of us weren't getting. Ummmm... first, if ANYONE gets it, it should be the doctors that are going to save everyone else's ass. And second, and more importantly -- who's more likely to contract some freaky virus -- the doctor, who's JOB is to come in contact with the sickest of the sick every day all day -- or Oprah? How selfish are people? That just crawled under my skin. If I have to choose between saving a doctor who will work on saving everyone, or saving Oprah and her entire staff -- I'm going with the doctor. And sure, some of that might just be spite -- but the rest of it is totally justified.

Sorry about this misinformed rant. Oprah just has a tendency to make me mad. I have no idea why I watch the show.


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