Fabric tummy-tucks

I now own a bit of "shape wear." Or what used to be known as a corset -- except now they don't lace up. I can't remember if this was moms idea or mine. I'm pretty sure it was mine -- but I think she agreed a little too much, if you know what I mean. And when your mother whole heartedly agrees that you need a little tummy control, well anyone with such low self-esteem as myself isn't going to say no.

You know on Pirates of the Caribbean where she was like "I can't breathe?" I feel like that.

I gotta say though: my breasts look absolutely amazing. And sure, my tummy is slightly less of a convex curve (slightly being the key word here), but not by much of a noticeable amount or large percentage. In fact, I'm curious as to if this is even worth it. I'm gonna wear it to work today. If I don't pass out, I'll evaluate it usefulness.

If you're wearing drapey fabric and you want your breasts to look 100% their best though, I'm going to step out and recommend it. Who needs to breath much anyway?


Anonymous Leah said...

my mom offered to let me wear her girdle thingy yesterday when I went to a New Year's Party. I figured that, since I'm a size bigger than her, it would probably severely restrict my ability to breathe.

I will say that you'll prolly get used to it if you like it. I used to wear bodices for ren faires and medieval reenactment, and I got used to that.

2:54 PM  

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