Either the best or worst fear factor stunt ever

I'm watching Fear Factor with my mouth wide open. In this stunt, the guy spins the girl and whatever her head is pointing to is the hair cut she gets. They're all patterns of how their head will be shaved. This is EVIL. The girls are crying and freaking out -- will any of them go through with it? The guys are saying that they can get wigs or extensions. My lord. So they might have to get a "taco" shaved into their hair and not even win the money!?

OH lord -- a girl is actually doing it. She's getting "patches" cut into her hair. But she was smart -- she said shed do it if they guaranteed her 25,000 dollars. Ugh it looks horrible -- she looks like a dog with mange. And they just showed her herself in the mirror and now shes crying.

Dude, thats sooooo evil.


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