Eight months post-op

Well, it's been ALMOST 8 months since I had gastric bypass surgery (May 15, 2005). I'm still losing SLOWLY but surely.

I'm down to 245 which is nice. It's nice to be on the lower half of the 200s. Let us not forget that when I strolled into the office in April, I was 325 (and that wasn't my HIGHEST weight). Thats EIGHTY (80) pounds. Not bad. So that's 68 pounds in the 8 months since surgery. That's so pathetically below the average, but that's life.

When I first had the surgery, I bought myself a good scale to keep track of my loss. Since then, I've been scribbling out the numbers as I lose weight. I've got a nice big scribbled out chunk now! It's also comforting now that I started writing down the numbers weekly to see that yes, I do continue to lose... slowly.

I'm now a 22 pants and a 18/20 top. Thats SUPER nice compared to a 28, right? And for Christmas, my mom bought me some old navy mens PJ pants because they had penguins on them. She accidently bought them in XL though instead of XXL. She felt really bad about it and we were both sure that not only would these not fit, but they wouldn't have another pair with penguins. Damn -- right? Well I tried them on... and they totally fit! They aren't even tight. Wow.

As to fitness. I jogged all the way up the uphill street to my brothers the other day. Now that doesn't SOUND like much to most people, I guess -- but you show me one person in my family who can jog all the way up that hill. I also imagine that I'm much healthier now. They say if you lose just a slight amount of weight, it's great for your heart. Well I imagine that my hearts rather happy with my 80 pound loss. And I can walk to all my classes now -- that makes me feel pretty good.

I still feel so huge though. I'm still morbidly obese, that's a fact. And yeah, I'm still super negative about myself and way too hard on myself about my weight. Though while I'm still "morbidly obese," I've lost 10 of those fucking BMI points. And I think that 80 pounds works out to 25% of my overall weight and 48% of my goal to lose. Yay!


Anonymous Leah said...

yay! way to go :-) keep it up, Karen. I imagine that two years from now, you'll be able to look back and say, "damn, I did a great job." That's still a ton of weight to lose in 8 months. My dad has 60 pounds to lose, and I imagine it's going to take him quite awhile.

5:02 PM  

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