The class suck-up.

I have already spotted the major class suck-up of the semester. Actually, I spotted him 5 minutes into our first class on Monday. You know the type -- they make stupid jokes with the professor and they laugh and smile at him like they have a crush. It seriously gets to the point of a drunken slut hitting on a guy she has a crush on. Everything is funny in their mind and they can [try to] do personal one-on-one "jokes."

I often wonder what the professor thinks of these people. Is he as annoyed as the rest of the class? Does he often wish he could kill him? Does it affect the students grade for the positive or negative? It obviously gets the student instant face recognition -- that's a plus.

This guy even went as far as to ask this question: "This class is being held in room 306, right?" "Yes" "Well then why does the garbage can say 'do not remove from room 305?" Then he proceeded to laugh hysterically at how clever he thought himself to be.


It kinda pissed me off that the professor didn't kill it right there and even responded with a similar joke.


I just can't be that fake. I'm sorry. I'm the person in the corner who shoots the evil looks and cracks on you with the people around me. It's just who I am.

I wonder if he gets a better grade because of the way he acts. Do the professors like people like that?


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