Always Something

This has been a stressful morning. I decided to wake up early and go see an advisor since I'm having no luck with the online registration system. I've already seen the advisor and it didn't get fixed. Then I called her and it didn't get fixed. Then I emailed her and it still didn't get fixed so i decided to go down there and wait to see her in person. That only took 2 hours but now its fixed.

So on the way out, I decide to stop by and see when I'll get my loan check. Short answer: never. Problems lots of problems. Always. Short solution: I need to appeal. Appeal needs proof though. So I need proof that I had surgery in May and proof that I've been seeing a therapist/psychologist. Sounds simple right? Not with MY psychiatrist.

So I drive down there and feel an anxiety attack coming on just being in that building. I ask for a print out of my appointments. All I'm trying to get is a printout showing dates of my appointments (20 appointments last year). They can't give it to me. I'm willing to fill out release forms or whatever they need. They can't give it to me. I've got 2 credit cards, my insurance card, a college photo ID, an Alabama drivers license, AND a US passport. I AM ME. They can't give it to me. They want to know why I need it. It'll take 2 weeks. I need it now -- what the hell is the problem? I get sent to another lady. She sends me to another women deep into the matrix of offices. Anxiety is raising. Lots of paper work. Just so they can give me a paper with 26 dates on. That's all thats on it. It shows what days I met with someone. Doesn't have who I met or anything. All that trouble for a couple of dates.

This is why I can't stand these people. You really can't understand what a pain it is. They treat you like a drug addicted criminal. They won't tell me things that I already know. I asked if I could get some printout of the medications I've been on. That wasn't going to happen. Period. I told her I could write out the prescriptions I've been on right here for you -- I just need it from YOU. No go. I have enough identification to get an apartment in Afghanistan, but these people can't release information to me that I already know. Why not? I'm not a criminal -- these records are as much mine as they are theirs. Why can't I fill out release forms and get my information?

I was so stressed after that little trip that I had to come home to pop some klonopin and pet the cat.

Now I've got to go appeal. Lord help me -- there's always something.


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