"You look horrible." "Thanks."

I barely survived today. Barely. I've had a cold for a little bit -- no biggy, just a cold -- but today it's killing me. I started out the day running by the bank to deposit my paycheck to cover a bounced check -- so I pretty much just didn't get paid. I didn't sleep at all last night -- not even for 5 minutes. I couldn't breathe through my nose and it bothered me even more than it usually would. But I went to work anyway... and sneezed and had a dripping nose all day. Not so bad though. Then when 2 o'clock rolled around, I was just good for dead. Every muscle ached. My ears stopped up. My stomach got really hot, my sinuses are so stopped up that they just hurt. I told B that I felt super sick and she looked at me and was like "wow, you look really bad." But I only had an hour left. So this guy hands me a gift card and all the sudden I just couldn't stand up anymore. So they sent me to to back "before I passed out in front of a customer."

And this lady came in and she was buying gift cards -- and discounts don't work on giftcards (because what if you bought a giftcard for 100 dollars saved 10 percent so only paid 90 dollars then turned around and cashed it out for that hundred? It's called a scam, people). So she was furious. She said that we said it worked on everything in the store.

"Well it works on everything in the store but the gift cards."

She just stood there ranting and raving about it. And my manager was right there but she never stepped in and said anything.

You know, I know people have bad days -- and I know today was a super busy shopping day, but you know what? What right do you have to take it out on someone else? Perhaps I've had a bad day too? Perhaps in the 200 transactions I did today, a FEW OF THEM had bad days and decided to take it out on me? Has everyone reading ever worked customer service? We always say everyone should have to work customer service at some point in their lives -- it will change the way you treat people. I didn't decide that we couldn't discount gift cards (even though it makes perfect sense that we wouldn't -- if you want discounts then we should add taxes and fees when you buy them too. A gift card is worth a set price -- good as cash. You don't get discounts on your cash do you? And what if you did get a discount? Then you could buy a gift card for a hundred dollars at 10 percent off for 90 dollars. Then you could buy a 110 dollar gift card at 10% off and pay with the one you previously purchased. Then you could use THAT card to buy a 130 dollar gift card at 10% off and theoretically you could just keep doing that until you had a couple of hundred dollars on the gift card and all you paid was 90. It's simple math... and a scam.)

In any given day, about 3 or 4 people are going to take their bad day out on you for absolutely no reason. What gives any of us that right? I'm so tired of people being complete fucking assholes for no rational reason. Especially when I have to sit there and smile when I'd really love to just let loose on them. If you want to bitch someone out, you ask for a manager. You can bitch managers out because they get paid extra for that AND they are the ones who can actually do something. See, I can't do anything and I only get paid 6 dollars an hour to scan your fucking books. I didn't do anything to you and I can't help you with your complaint -- so don't fucking bitch me out. Treat people like people for fucks sake.

Ok, Sorry. Maybe that lady pissed me off a little more than I thought she did ;)


Blogger Becki said...

I used to work as a cashier and people could never understand why we would accept a check when they were purchasing a gift card. Ummm, if the check bounces, you still have the card. Duh.

People suck.

5:45 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Man there's so much to get pissed about LOL. One thing that bugs me about gift cards is that someone will wait in line (standing next to a rotating display of giftcards) waiting for me (who is looking at a screen which is behind another display of giftcards) and then get to the register and ask me if we have giftcards. I smile and say yes and direct them to the display while the entire line has to wait for them to carefully inspect all the different designs and randomly pick up blank cards and ask how much this one is for. Then they finally come back with 3 different cards and havnt even decided how much they want on them. I had to listen to this one lady tell me who each card was for (like her great grandma) why she chose that design (the girl sleeping with a book because great grandma sleeps all the time) and debate on if it should be 30 dollars or 40 dollars -- and how much should she give grandpa?

And then some other guy picks up a snowman gift card and asks if we have one with a snowman and a blue striped scarf and a carrot nose. What the fuck man? Do you think we have design your-own-giftcards here? You're looking at what we have -- we didn't order 20 different snowmen with different colored scarves just incase you might want a blue striped scarf instead of a solid red one -- so sorry.

And dude, don't get me started on the books-a-million people. I really don't give a shit where you prefer to buy your books nor do I have anything against them -- so don't stand by my register for 20 minutes and bitch about the fact that our discount card costs 25 dollars when theirs costs 5 -- cause you know what? I don't give a shit. If you prefer to shop there then by all means GO THERE.

Oh and thanks for the comment :) Good to know I have a reader!

6:16 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

dude, it's for that exact reason that I try and be uber-nice. If I'm having a bad day for some reason, or even if something is going wrong, I try to tell the person that I'm not mad at him/her but merely angry about the policy or what is going on.

I agree that people should have to work customer service. Heck, I think people should vend a game so they can understand how hard it is :-) Maybe then people would stop trying to harass me while I'm working. I'm about this close to actually hauling someone up to an usher, charging sexual harassment, and sueing the guy's ass.

7:05 PM  

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