What. A. Long. Day.

I had to open at work. I was so tired this morning that I almost just called in. Turns out my instincts were right.

So I get up, get ready, head for work. 2 flat tires on the way. Yeah, you read that right -- TWO flat tires. "How the hell do you get TWO flats," they ask -- well you start by being me. Actually, to say "flat" is a major understatement. I had one "flat" and one tire that died. The tread split open. It died. It's dead.

But I don't get off until 4. So all day I had to sit there and think about how the hell I was going to get the car TO a place to buy new tires and how much that was going to cost me. On my lunch break, I got out my portable compressor and spent 25 minutes trying to revive that half of the car. Please note that while I was on my hands and knees with a car that is obviously half on the ground, many men walked past me. A policeman walked past me. A ugly woman even got a cigarette to smoke while she watched me. No one said a word -- no offer of help, no offer of a ride, no offer of a phone to use, no sympathies -- Merry Christmas to you fuckers too.

Work was a mess. We didn't have time to stop -- period. It was a constant barrage of "procrastinators" that I wanted to slap. Lots of rude customers today. One lady gave me a bitching rant on how much she hated those membership deals when I asked her, as I am required to do, if she'd like one. I'd recap her rant for you -- but to be honest, I tuned her out after "you know..." My manager wouldn't even give me a break to handle my car troubles -- I had to wait a few hours till my lunch rolled around.

And let me insert a small special rant here. I'm particularly bothered by the people who don't pay attention. There's a line of 20 people -- when I say "next customer" -- you should be listening. if I have to say it 3 times REALLY loudly so much so that everyone in line wants to punch you -- well you should have to go to the end of the line. This happens ALL THE TIME. When I'm standing in line for a long time, I tend to pay attention so I know when it's my turn. Not the BN shoppers. I never even had THAT problem when I worked at Target. After this one guy - "I can help the next customer!... Sir, I can take you over here! SIR! -- I can get the next person. SIR, I CAN CHECK YOU OUT!" I said fuck it and went and got my bottle of water. I swear everyone in the line was furious. I can only do so much.

And whats with the gift cards? We have three displays of gift cards right there in your face -- why can you not find them? One lady asked me about them, I said "they're right here." I touched the display of them -- it was right next to me. BIG display here and I'm touching it telling you that they are right here. She picks up a notepad and says "THESE are gift cards?" NO YOU FUCKING IDIOT -- what the hell is wrong with these people? Then another guy got upset because we didn't have 40 dollar cards. "You can choose a blank one which can be made for ANY amount you choose" "But I want 40 dollars." "Just pick any one of these." "But I want 40 dollars." "Sir, i can put 40 dollar on any of these (again indicating the display of cards." He ended up getting furious and storming out after some more back and forth. I even suggested that he could buy 2 20s or 4 10s -- but no. We didn't have one specifically for FOURTY.

Ok, where was I? Oh, and no I wasn't a bitch at work. I even had on a Santa hat -- 3 people even told me how cheerful I was. Bull-fucking-shit.

So I get off a little after 4. Mom was nice enough to call around and find the nearest firestone for me -- she told them that I'd need 2 tires and that I'd get off work at 4. So I pump air into the tires knowing full well that it probably won't make it all the way there.

At a stop sign I am begged for money by a man who ran out of gas. Tons of people around -- no one will help him. I listened to his plight -- when he walked up to the car he already said that I looked like I already thought he was crazy. I said, no thats not it and gave him a 5 dollar bill explaining the tire thing and why I looked pissed as fuck. He then KICKED the tires. "Please don't do that again." He was quiet grateful though -- even ran out in traffic to stop the cars so I could pull out. I like that out of all the people supposedly in the "holiday spirit," my dirt-poor ass in a horrible mood was the only one willing to spot a man a few dollars for gas. Reminds me of all the people who didn't even give me a second glance when I was OBVIOUSLY having car problems.

So I pull into Firestone -- you know, the one who knew I was coming. They couldn't "fit me in." He could do it in the morning though if I could bring it back. Yeah. HALF THE CARS ON THE GROUND, YOU MORON.

So more air -- not that the firestone guys would even help me with THAT. So I took it to the other Firestone. There I waited an hour with a bitch hurricane Katrina victim. Man, she got on my nerves so bad. Then I dished out 150 dollars -- three times my paycheck today -- for 2 new tires. I NEED 4 new tires and I know this. They are in horrible shape, but I just didn't have enough money to buy 4. BUT I'LL HAVE NEW HUBCAPS!

So I get my tires and now its 6 o'clock. Well, I was going to cook dinner tonight, but I just didn't feel like it anymore. So I went to Olive Garden to get some take out. How long can it take to put pasta in a bowl? Apparently it can take 45 minutes.

I JUST got home. I have absolutely no money.

What a LOOOOONG day.


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