We aren't just going to Hell in a hand basket -- we've already arrived at our destination

So my TVs been on mute. I decide to take a break from reading (no, unfortunately not studying for my final but rather avoiding the panic attacks by reading Samuel Shem's "House of God" -- great read so far). So I turn on the volume:
First up, there's video footage of a bunch of high-schoolers rioting and trying their damnedest to kill each other. 30 were arrested.

Then there was a blurb about a woman who checked into a Best Western hotel, set it on fire and left. Apparently this is the third time she has done so.

Third we have a short on the fact that this is the 63rd anniversary of some bombing.

Then we move right into the fact that new footage has been released of 4 American prisoners. Apparently their captors decided to suspend their execution date so they could torture them a bit more.

Now it's commercial break.
Good God.

Man. The world sucks. Anyone who even tries to say otherwise need only turn on their TV. That's all the news is -- water-skiing squirrels, death, horror, and sports.

Everyone out of the hand basket. We're here.


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