To watch or not to watch

This week I've been watching the new game show "Lets Make a Deal" on NBC. It's going to come on in about 20 minutes. So I'm at a loss. Do I drive home now and miss it -- or should I stay in Birmingham and watch it THEN drive home?

Have yall seen it yet? It's a simple game but it's fun to yell at the TV. Great suspense in it too -- though if you ask me, there is just too much talking on the show. I want to tell them to just shut up and decide!

Did you know the host (Howie Mandel) is a germ-a-phobe? He played celebrity poker with surgical gloves and won't shake anyone's hands or use his hands to touch anything. Fascinating. I'm going to have to watch the next episode just to see if he touches anything.

Well, I still don't know if I'm leaving now or in an hour... I have to open at work tomorrow and close on Christmas Eve -- so if you're in Huntsville, stop by and say hey :)


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